Busy-ness of mind…

30 10 2008

Do you know what I have noticed recently?  My mind is always busy!

Now don’t laugh at this because I really do have a point!

We know that to really get what we want in life we must focus on the attainment of it and take action.  I’m pretty good at this I must admit.  However, just today I found myself doing so much mind focusing that I started to see just how much I wander off topic!  I found myself wandering into the realms of issues that are not high energy producing and I had to stop myself and say “enough!  That fact has already been established!  Move on to the future!”

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?  Always wandering back to the past hurt, the past mistake, the past issue, and momentarily depleting your energy for the future?  I am willing to bet we do this more often than not.  It’s like one of those instances when you replay a fight or an argument over and over until finally it shades your judgement to the point that it has overcome your day and then your night because you have made decisions based on that situation!  UG! Why do we do this?  I call it staying way too long in your head!

However, on the flip side if we can mangage to redivert our thinking to what we now wish to accomplish more and more we’ll find that we leave those other thoughts behind quicker thereby staying in the state of higher energy vibration! To have a busy mind is good when it is always moving forward. Becoming aware of just how much we wander is critical to our success.  For example, if you are focusing on a new career path you’d like to see, but still thinking about your lousy ex spouse then the negative either cancels out or negates the positive!  Things we say we want would manifest quicker if we let go of the negative!

My challenge for you in the next 24 hours is to pay attention to just how many times your mind wanders in a day’s time to things of negative energy.  It just might surprise you!

heather b