A Frog In The Throat

20 08 2009

Can anyone out there relate to being compulsive?

I have a very accomplished friend of mine in the area of energy work that when he visited me last month in Hawaii I wanted him to do some work on me.

He can read your emotions so well that before he starts I always tell him to just clear my energy without telling me what I already know! In other words, stay out of my emotions, you know too much about me!

But alas, it does not work that way. Your emotions are the energy in your body that needs to be cleared.

Okay, I give in. So into the emotions we delve. I share with him that quite often when I’m feeling “stuck” I get this “frog” in my throat. It feels like it wants to jump out and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

He answers “of course it does. It’s you not saying what you want to say. It’s your holding your tongue. It’s you not expressing what it truly is you are feeling! It’s feeling like you can’t speak your desires. What you really want is not being allowed out!”

Wammy! I told you he was good! And how do I deal with this? I make compulsive instead of intuitive decisions based on what “might let me¬†free the frog in the moment.”

In other words, I am not living in my true genius realm I am merely playing it small hoping to just keep going.

Sound familiar to anyone? Am I the only one out there?

Alas, with awareness there is hope!

There is a great new book out there by Gay Hendricks called “The Big Leap”. He talks so much of how we are merely existing comfortably in our zone of excellence without truly¬†freeing the frog and leaping to our zone of genius.

Such great insights….Isn’t it great when there is yet another area in our lives that we can approve upon? Always learning, always growing.

Go get yourself a copy of the book and join me as we set out to free our own frogs and live a life of intuitive actions rather than compulsive behaviors.

Share with me your stories…

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