If laughter were a drug….

13 11 2008

Okay, if laughter were a drug we’d all be rich!  I just spent a great five days with a group of people that I found laughed out loud all the time!  And you know what!  When things got tough they laughed some more and went on to find solutions!

How great is it that we have the ability to laugh at any moment in our lives.  Laughter lightenes the heart. Laughter quiets the mind. Laughter bonds us together.  I LOVE TO LAUGH!

Someone once told me that when he had gone to England he found that the people there had a way of laughing away self important moments.  In other words when they face someone who is being a little self righteous they laugh and the self important moment dissipates. I’m not quite so sure if that is a great thing all the time, but it sure could lessen the tension in a room!

Laughter also heals.  Remember the story of the woman in the movie “The Secret.” She credits her healing from cancer to laughter.  What a great stress buster it is!

So today, take the challenge and laugh!  Find a joke, a movie, a friend, and laugh out loud!  Enjoy how that feels!  Laugh with your children– they are always laughing!

And most importantly when life gets tough in moments allow your outlook to change with just a few chuckles!

yours in laughter,

heather browning


Trimming and Pruning……

20 08 2008

Ok, have I really lost my rocker this time?  Can I possibly apply trimming and pruning to life?  Never fear, of course I can!  With a little help from an email I received yesterday.

The email was talking about how one man was preparing for the tropical storm Faye.  One would think that he would be reinforcing all doors, boarding up windows, and sealing any crack in the house.  But instead he was outside pruning and trimming the trees and shrubs.  He had some 65 species of them on his property. The trimmed branches seemed to pile as high as his house.  You see by trimming back the foilage he reduced the surface that could serve as a wind trap increasing the likely hood of damage to his house.

So now I ask you the same question asked me.  What things can you TRIM back in your own life that may be the cause of a destructive path?  Are negative thoughts impeding your way to living a passionate life?  Do you have relationships that are toxic and holding you back from making a leap on your own. 

You see in order to make a change in your life, you must make a change!  There must be something inside that tells you that you hate where you stand MORE than the fear of making a stand.

So for a brief moment today, give yourself some time to think about what needs trimming in order for you to get what you want out of life and by all means GET THAT SAW OUT and start pruning!

heather browning

All we have are todays….

18 08 2008

I am up early this Monday morning thinking of the things I have got to do today.  Some people dread Mondays when they have to go back to work or start “the same old thing” over again for the week.  I love Mondays.  I look forward to them.  For me Mondays are another chance for starting things on the right path of where I want to go.

Mondays, are kind of a clean slate for me.  A week that has just begun.  No telling what I can accomplish and make happen this week. In fact everyday for me is like a Monday.  I get up early and walk into the kitchen and turn on my computer.  I hear the birds singing and the roosters crowing.  Living here in Hawaii this is also the time of day when the air is cool and the energy of the sun is renewing and vibrant before it gets intense and harsh.  I love this time of day.

I have also been thinking about a lesson I heard in church yesterday.  In fact, I heard it there and then read an article on the topic again in a magazine later on in the day.  It must have been destiny for me to focus on it for a while. And so I share it with you.

Todays…. All we have are todays.  Haven’t we all heard this before.  There is a line in a song that reads, “Today, today, work for today..there is no tomorrow, but only today.” No tomorrows only todays.  Think about that.  We walk around everyday in our lives not knowing if we are even going to be here today.  Accidents happen in life.  No one is guaranteed a free ticket living into old age.  And yet, we mostly go about our lives as if we ,with assurety, will live our lives long.  I think of this sometimes when I look at my children.  Their father died almost six years ago very unexpectedly.  They never got a chance for a goodbye.  My duaghter has fought back anger for this for many years.

I tell you this not for pity, but for the message… all we have are todays.  What are we putting of that we could do, TODAY? Who could we help, TODAY? Could we hug our kids a little closer, TODAY?  How about business.  Have you been waiting to try something new?  Do it TODAY! Is there a business you’d like to start?  Do it TODAY!  How much time have you wasted in past regrets?  I don’t know about you but my TODAY list just got a little bit bigger and my excitement for the week a little bit more intense.  I feel it in the core of my being.  Life is fabulous my friends.  And if you are in the dump of dumps change it!


Yours in todays….. heather browing

Next times…..

1 08 2008

“Next time.” 

The answer to so many questions that ultimately lead us down to our wake up moment of “Hey what happened to my life?”

So many times when we are asked to go out, asked to attend a function, asked to play soccer with our child, asked to take a trip to Alaska we answer with “next time.”

How many times in our lives do we find that “next time?”  I’ll tell you.. NEVER!

Have you ever seen the movie with Queen Latifah called “The Last Holiday?” Here is a woman who is unknowingly misdiagnosed with a terminal brain disease and she sets out to spend every penny she has doing exactly what she wants during her last three weeks to live.  At one point she looks into a mirror and states, “Next time you do things different. We will laugh more, we’ll love more, we’ll see the world.  We just won’t be so afraid.”

How sad is this!  Right now, today, how much have you laughed?  How have you loved? What are you afraid of doing?  There is no “next time” in this life!  Do the things that make you love, laugh, and enjoy life with those that make you love, laugh, and enjoy life! 

How simple the formula and yet profound the results!