Be Outrageous….

17 11 2008

“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”


If you haven’t read Robert White’s book “Living an Extraordinary Life” you are missing out on some great personal development tips.

How many times as kids did we have such great imaginations, great ideas about what we wanted to do wih our lives, great moments of complete freedom and living out loud, only to be scolded by an adult and told to be more quiet?

Then as we got older we learned from our experiences all to well and came to the conclusion that living out loud was not okay to do.  And yet, deep down you know there is more to you that wants to be outrageous and live an extraordinary life in a way you found as a child.

The part of personal development I love the most is when I see an adult reach deep within themselves and emerge with this sense of freedom that they really can live an extraordinary life.  One in which they are in control of what they want to do. No longer dictated by the conditions that were placed on them as children. It is such a great moment to see the light come back into their eyes!

We can all have these moments.  We spend too much of our time being worried about looking foolish, failing, not being taken seriously, but secretly we admire those who can live this way.  Do we see them as foolish? All it takes is just one change of thought, one moment to jump in without looking back, one idea that comes to life, and in the end “the rewards are a life that is full and rich and even extrordinary!”

Here’s to living out loud!

heather browning



Busy-ness of mind…

30 10 2008

Do you know what I have noticed recently?  My mind is always busy!

Now don’t laugh at this because I really do have a point!

We know that to really get what we want in life we must focus on the attainment of it and take action.  I’m pretty good at this I must admit.  However, just today I found myself doing so much mind focusing that I started to see just how much I wander off topic!  I found myself wandering into the realms of issues that are not high energy producing and I had to stop myself and say “enough!  That fact has already been established!  Move on to the future!”

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?  Always wandering back to the past hurt, the past mistake, the past issue, and momentarily depleting your energy for the future?  I am willing to bet we do this more often than not.  It’s like one of those instances when you replay a fight or an argument over and over until finally it shades your judgement to the point that it has overcome your day and then your night because you have made decisions based on that situation!  UG! Why do we do this?  I call it staying way too long in your head!

However, on the flip side if we can mangage to redivert our thinking to what we now wish to accomplish more and more we’ll find that we leave those other thoughts behind quicker thereby staying in the state of higher energy vibration! To have a busy mind is good when it is always moving forward. Becoming aware of just how much we wander is critical to our success.  For example, if you are focusing on a new career path you’d like to see, but still thinking about your lousy ex spouse then the negative either cancels out or negates the positive!  Things we say we want would manifest quicker if we let go of the negative!

My challenge for you in the next 24 hours is to pay attention to just how many times your mind wanders in a day’s time to things of negative energy.  It just might surprise you!

heather b

Living Life on Mountains…

21 10 2008

Ah, life in Tahoe…..  How can I describe it, but pure Heaven! 

Living in Hawaii is pretty great too, but with a different kind of Heaven.

I’ve been spending time in the Mountains realizing just how small we really are, and yet being inspired of how big we can become if we play our lives full out.

Every now and then I believe we all need a little internal check of just how we are playing our lives.  Too often we end up in Mediocre land just going to work, cooking dinner, carting kids, then going to bed to do the same thing the next day.

It pays to re-visit our goals, revisit our aspirations, revisit our passions and see just where we are.

I  have been in Tahoe for the past week doing just this for myself.  I’ve realized, with the help of some coaching, that I am not playing my life full out, that maybe I am letting a little self-sabatage hold me back from all the great things I wish to conquer.

How about you?  Do you need a little coaching?  A little kick yourself in the pants? A little bit “Come to Jesus meeting” with yourself to get back on track?

We all need it from time to time.  And may I suggest doing it in the presence of towering pine trees, fall foilage, and coyote calls in the night!

till back on the Island…..

heather browning

“Living the Law Of Attraction” Book

6 10 2008

For those of you who love the “Chicken Soup” series of books I’ve got a great one for you!  Rich German and Robin Hoch have put together “Living the Law of Attraction.” 

A book of stories of real people who have used the Law Of Attraction in their own lives and how it has dramatically changed them.   Definitely a must read for those who believe, those who want to believe, and I dare say those who “don’t” believe in the universal law of attraction.

Read it and let me know what you think!

You can find the book at

heather browning

When Darkness Hits Do You Still Shine?

3 10 2008

Interesting thought for you…..

“People are like stained glass windows.  In the light they shine with multiple colors and beautiful shapes, but when the light dims they are dark unless their internal light shines within.”

I was sitting in the beauty salon the other day having a nice chat with my hairdresser.  Then out of no where we start to hear this other customer complain about the haircut she had just received. Not only did she not like her cut, but proceeded to yell at the woman claiming she had “ruined her hair” and how badly she now looked.  This proceeded louder and louder until I finally couldn’t contain myself and I said to her “look, you must find the solution.  Have someone else finish the cut.” 

Well this didn’t sit well at first because she didn’t want someone she didn’t know cutting her hair. Oddly enough the woman who did cut her hair was her cousin!  FAMILY! She finally conceded and had another try and fix it.  All of a sudden this eratic person was smiling and laughing and really conversing with this new stylist.  Her hair did look better and she got what she wanted.  But at what price? Certainly everyone in that place did not look at her as the “nice person” she really was because of her display of uncontrolled emotions.  She apologized to everyone, which everyone said in turn “that’s okay”, but really was it okay?  I beg to differ!  When she came up to me afterward to apologize my only response was “you had better apologize and no one should treat family or anyone that way.”  She just smiled at me and left the salon as if nothing had happened.

So I started to wonder….most of us are great people. Happy, smiley, joyful, kind when life is going good.  But we were never promised a bowl of cherries each and everyday of our lives.  When those days or times hit and the “light” quits shining what do we become?  Are we different? 

I had to stop and think about myself.  It is true that when I am stressed I get a little more testy.  I recognize this and try to control it. It was such an eye opening experience to see this “nice” lady turn into someone I would never want to deal with.  People who become totally different at the slightest complications are those who wouldn’t make good business partners.  I don’t believe I’d even like to be in any type of relationship with them.

When times go dark in your life what are you like?  I find it difficult to think that a life full of apologizing for the way we act would be a life that is satisfying.  If we are always apologizing how are we growing? As we each strive for more personal development it is such a great opportunity to let our inner light shine when things start to darken on the outside.  Life is so much better when we are able to seek solutions while still maintaining our tongues and integrity.

My hope for all is to let our lights within shine at all times and in all things!



Opportunities seen….

1 10 2008

As noted by some of my readers I have been missing a few days of posting.  For this I apologize and thank you for noticing.  I have been spending time with my parents visiting from the mainland.  Living in Hawaii I get quite a few visitors every year.

During this time my work takes a back seat and I find myself playing tour guide. 

I was thinking this morning about missing so much work hours and how I could “justify” this.  The cool thing is I DON’T HAVE TO!  As an entrapraneur you truly get the freedom to take some time off.

However, as a entrapraneur I am learning great things and seeing a great opportunity to learn from a highly skilled business man.  MY FATHER.  For the past week I have spent countless hours talking to him about his business career, his negotiation skills, his programs he implemented.  And for the first time in my life I realized what a brillant man he is in business.  For a great coach I really never had to look any further than my own family tree.

I have been engaging in such great conversations that my “slack” off week really hasn’t been “slacking.”

Great lesson to be able to see opportunities in everything around.  I am grateful for this lesson!  I constantly am amazed at all I am surrounded by. 

Life is amazing!

Persistance…Staying the Course

23 09 2008

There is much to be said for staying the course. 

I love listening to individual stories of how people made it big in the business they are in.  Some in the food business start out with street carts, some working as a dish washer, others as stay at home moms catering school lunches.

There are those who open franshises hoping for “the American Dream.”  Whether the business is food, or banking, or automobiles, there is one thing that they all have in common.  PERSISTANCE.

I watched my little team of 10 soccer players take on a team of 11 saturday and with so much persistance and playing as a team they almost tied. I was so proud.

I believe that everyone at some time in their chosen careers will reach a point where the only thing you can do is stay the course.  Keep believing. Keep moving. Keep progressing.

Lately I have seen this in my own endeavors.  I’ve realized I have slacked off a little.  And it is time to get back on course.  I’ve been re-reading “Think and Grow Rich” again.  What a great book to slap the slackness out of me. 

Keep the faith my friends, life is so worth it and with persistance you can create an extraordinary life for yourself!