A Frog In The Throat

20 08 2009

Can anyone out there relate to being compulsive?

I have a very accomplished friend of mine in the area of energy work that when he visited me last month in Hawaii I wanted him to do some work on me.

He can read your emotions so well that before he starts I always tell him to just clear my energy without telling me what I already know! In other words, stay out of my emotions, you know too much about me!

But alas, it does not work that way. Your emotions are the energy in your body that needs to be cleared.

Okay, I give in. So into the emotions we delve. I share with him that quite often when I’m feeling “stuck” I get this “frog” in my throat. It feels like it wants to jump out and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

He answers “of course it does. It’s you not saying what you want to say. It’s your holding your tongue. It’s you not expressing what it truly is you are feeling! It’s feeling like you can’t speak your desires. What you really want is not being allowed out!”

Wammy! I told you he was good! And how do I deal with this? I make compulsive instead of intuitive decisions based on what “might let me free the frog in the moment.”

In other words, I am not living in my true genius realm I am merely playing it small hoping to just keep going.

Sound familiar to anyone? Am I the only one out there?

Alas, with awareness there is hope!

There is a great new book out there by Gay Hendricks called “The Big Leap”. He talks so much of how we are merely existing comfortably in our zone of excellence without truly freeing the frog and leaping to our zone of genius.

Such great insights….Isn’t it great when there is yet another area in our lives that we can approve upon? Always learning, always growing.

Go get yourself a copy of the book and join me as we set out to free our own frogs and live a life of intuitive actions rather than compulsive behaviors.

Share with me your stories…

heather browning


Vacations…can you relax?

27 09 2008

Because I live in Hawaii I tend to get a lot of visitors.  My family and close friends know that they have a place to stay to save on expenses.  This past Tuesday I went to the airport to pick my parents up for a three week vacation.  Now I absolutely love being around my parents, but I wondered how I was going to keep up my writing and work hours.

Isn’t that a funny thing?  Here I am surrounded by my family and I am worried about working? 

I took my parents to the gym yesterday with me and afterwards we just wondered around a few stores.  By the time we were sitting eating a bite of lunch I had this little anxiousness come over me as if to say “you are spending too much time doing nothing!  Get home and work!”  How crazy is that! When I noticed it I just let it go and realized I really didn’t have any place to be, but in the present place and I could stay as long as I wanted!

It was so freeing to realize that!  Being an at home entrapraneur you really get to have this freedom. But sometimes we lose sight of that and work just as long and just as hard forgetting that we can live our life with the ability to take a vacation and RELAX!

So I ask you.  First of all, when was the last vacation you took?  I don’t know the exact percentage, but I know it’s high of people who do not take their vacation time each year.  And for those of us who do, can you relax?  Can you be totally in the present moment with no thoughts as to what is going on back at the office?  At the exact moment that I let that anxiety go I felt such freedom!  Freedom that I could then enjoy a day of absolutely no work and just being around family!  It felt so good!

The cool thing is I’ve been able to play in the morning and evenings and still do my things in the afternoons!  Life does work out!  Enjoy every moment and when you have time to take a vacation whether just around town or beyond do so and relax!

Extraordinarily different from me…

20 09 2008

One of my greatest pleasures in life is talking to people about how to live extraordinary lives.  I love to help them dig deep down and really come alive with the things they truly love to do.  One thing that comes up all the time is just how different our extraordinary lives are.

We all have different beliefs about what makes our lives extrordinary.  For some it may be money, for others spending all day with children. I’ve known a few dare devils in my life who couldn’t live without that adrenaline rush.  This is also evident when you think about third world countries.  Some of the people are truly happy!  They may only need a new water pump to make their lives great.

How cool is this that we all can live such different lives and yet all live extraordinarily. I read today in someone else blog such a great reason for this.  The bottom line to living an extraordinary life is having total personal integrity.  Think about this.  When you are in alignment with your heart, your soul, and your mind you are living with integrity.  The best thing we can do is to be honest with ourselves, keep promises made, and really give ourselves the freedom to live the way we know we should.

I love personal integrity.  Taming our thoughts and our mind that would have us undermine what we know to be true is a work always in progress.  And yet, personal development leading to full integrity is such a fabulous journey.  We become more confident individuals ready to take on new challenges.  Living an extraordinary life means we always get to improve our capacities in what we see fit.  In essence we are not stuck in the mundane, ordinary way of life.

There is such a huge world out there!  Live it extraordinary…by whatever means you decide!

Is Your Thinking Just Noise To Pass The Time?

13 09 2008

2% of all people think,

3% think they think,

95% would rather die than think!

Thinking – the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts.

So what’s up with the statistics!  Since the day we took our first breath we have had the capability to think.  Thinking is what allowed us to hold tea parties with imaginary friends. Thinking is what made our hearts beat double time when we’d think of the person we had a crush on. And thinking allowed us to dream of our futures.  So what’s with the only 2% think!  The answer? Most of the time our thinking revolves around noise.

The noise of the day, the noise of the argument you had last night with your spouse, the noise of what you are going to cook for dinner, the noise of how much money your child needs for school. And the list goes on and on.  Am I right? 

None of this leads us to what we say we want. It’s just thinking that passes time. So we come to the conclusion that the great thinkers who say we can manifest anything we so desire into the physical realm by thinking we are in possession of it, must be talking about those other guys. And most of us end up in the 95%!

We simply must change our usual thought processes into focused powerful, burning desire, faith believing, thoughts and absolutely we can change our lives.

It all starts with awareness.  How do you spend your days thinking?  Noise or productive?  Are you one who gets an idea and then thinks twice about how no one would listen anyway?  Are you one who truly knows what you’d like to be doing, but think it is too hard to accomplish?  If this is you you are in the 95%!

So here’s a challenge for you. Get out of the 95%!  Prove this thinking thing right.  Spend time everyday for a week thinking of something small that would help you out a little in life.  Quiet the other noise that says your crazy and truly see, feel, and believe you have that little something.  I promise you you’ll be amazed.

And may I say that being part of the 2% is way more fun than the 95%!

Think, listen, act! Your passions are waiting!

heather browning

Are YOU guilty of passion squashing?

11 09 2008

Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you were adamant in a decision, but then found the decision to be wrong and you felt so bad?  For instance, take parenthood.  How many of us have had a time when the child was crying out of control and we were standing firm that we were not going to cave into their cries and then we come to find out the child was crying because of an extemely dirty diaper burning his rear end OR their leg was caught in the crib bars!    Am I alone in these moments?

Well, I had another epiphany today on my ride to the gym.  As usual, I seem to have some of my best conversations with myself during this time.  In fact, I think one of these days I’ll record them!  Anyway, today was another of those days.

I have been coaching people for a long time now about how to find their passion.  How to find something, however small, in their lives that they can do for themselves each and everyday!  I’ve been coaching people on career choices, being led by their intuition, making choices based on what they are passionate about, and like last post professing it is okay to say no to the wrong path.

I believe it has gone fairly well so far.  And then this morning like a ligtbulb bursting (no, not just turning on!) I was struck with the realization that I have been coaching adults along their journey all along squashing my children’s passions!  UGH!  What a realization!  Say it isn’t so!  I’m a personal mastery coach for pete’s sake how can I be so guilty!  After all, I fully realize that all of our conditioning comes from our childhood and the adults influencing us.

Now, by all means I am not saying I am critical or condenscending whatsoever, but what I am guilty of is not fully letting them explore their own passions!  As children what great minds we have!  We have the imaginations and guts to do anything!  And yet, how many times as children did we want to play the piano, but had no teacher? How many times did we want to be an actor, but had no play?  How many times did we want to learn to skate, but had no skateboard?  Do you see where I am getting at?

Children are so full of passion!  And yes that passion changes from week to week, month to month, and year to year.  How fabulous!  They WANT to try new things, they WANT to discover what they are good at.  And they aren’t afraid to try! It is when we as parents don’t realize that we are squashing passion (with consequences reaching far into their futures) by not giving them the opportunities to explore that their passionate nature tends to dull.

Right now I am experiencing this with both my children.  My son LOVES to skateboard.  He is at that park everyday he can get there and spends hours practicing.  His goal is to get sponsored by a company so he can get free boards.  Now frankly, he may not be as good as the sponsors want, but who am I to say that!  Why would I squash him down.  My opportunity is to coach him like I do the adults I work with!  Instead of, “do you think they will look at you?” I ask “what are you going to do to get looked at?” I am fully supportive for him doing what he is passionate about!

Now my daughter on the other hand is one who flits around from thing to thing. I have really been guilty of not seeing these different things as different passions.  AGAIN I AM GUILTY OF SQUASHING PASSION.  I just haven’t paid a lot of attention.  Well, she has been taking a food service class at school.  I see her looking through cookbooks and stating that she wants to cook some things.  What a great opportunity to help her explore some new passions. Here’s my chance to help her along! Be that good passion coach!  I told her that if she wanted to get some recipes to cook she could go to the store and help me grocery shop for the ingredients.  She was so excited!  My 15 year old was actually excited about grocery shopping!  How cool is that! And I would never have known if I hadn’t had that epiphany of seeing the passions in children!

So my question today for you is are you guilty of passion squashing?  Could you be taking your children’s interests a little bit more seriously?  Could you help open up doors for them to explore the things they are passionate about at this moment?  It really doesn’t matter how old they are.  Honestly, would Michael Phelps be the Olympic Swimmer he is today if his mother had stopped taking him to the pool because the days got too busy? Hmmmm…………

heather browning

What are you pretending not to know….

27 08 2008

What in the world am I talking about now? 

 There is a fabulous quote by Billy Wilder which says:                            

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”

We have within ourselves a magnificant gift that if utilized each and everytime there is a decision to be made we will come up on top.  It doesn’t mean we maybe perfect, but it does me we will be acting for ourselves. 

Our intuition, our gut feeling, our inner voice, whatever you want to call it has been speaking to us since the day we were born!  Do we listen?  I dare to say that as we grow older we don’t.  How many times have we chosen to go against our gut feeling only to say “I wish I had listened!”

Sometimes it is a case that we are telling ourselves one thing while feeling another.  In essence we are lying to ourselves.  And guess what?  Other people see through that lie.  One of my greatest ambitions in life is to be genuine and true in all that I do.  That means truly living with my intuition guiding.  Other people feel the genuineness and see more clearly who I am.  I’ve learned to recognize that if I have a mentor telling me to do “this or that” and I have a certain “gut” reaction to it I know not to follow, eventhough the mentor may tell me I am making the wrong choice or not living out of the box enough. 

Give yourself permission to follow your gut instincts.  Who cares if it comes with insignificant things in life.  This I do know– the more we use it and act on it the more we get to have it’s guidance.

So I ask you again… What are you pretending not to know? What are you pushing aside because it may not be accepted?  What lie are you telling yourself because you are afraid of consequences?  Listen and act, I promise you’ll feel more free!  I promise to do the same thing.. We’ll act together!

heather browning