A Frog In The Throat

20 08 2009

Can anyone out there relate to being compulsive?

I have a very accomplished friend of mine in the area of energy work that when he visited me last month in Hawaii I wanted him to do some work on me.

He can read your emotions so well that before he starts I always tell him to just clear my energy without telling me what I already know! In other words, stay out of my emotions, you know too much about me!

But alas, it does not work that way. Your emotions are the energy in your body that needs to be cleared.

Okay, I give in. So into the emotions we delve. I share with him that quite often when I’m feeling “stuck” I get this “frog” in my throat. It feels like it wants to jump out and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

He answers “of course it does. It’s you not saying what you want to say. It’s your holding your tongue. It’s you not expressing what it truly is you are feeling! It’s feeling like you can’t speak your desires. What you really want is not being allowed out!”

Wammy! I told you he was good! And how do I deal with this? I make compulsive instead of intuitive decisions based on what “might let me free the frog in the moment.”

In other words, I am not living in my true genius realm I am merely playing it small hoping to just keep going.

Sound familiar to anyone? Am I the only one out there?

Alas, with awareness there is hope!

There is a great new book out there by Gay Hendricks called “The Big Leap”. He talks so much of how we are merely existing comfortably in our zone of excellence without truly freeing the frog and leaping to our zone of genius.

Such great insights….Isn’t it great when there is yet another area in our lives that we can approve upon? Always learning, always growing.

Go get yourself a copy of the book and join me as we set out to free our own frogs and live a life of intuitive actions rather than compulsive behaviors.

Share with me your stories…

heather browning


Living Life on Mountains…

21 10 2008

Ah, life in Tahoe…..  How can I describe it, but pure Heaven! 

Living in Hawaii is pretty great too, but with a different kind of Heaven.

I’ve been spending time in the Mountains realizing just how small we really are, and yet being inspired of how big we can become if we play our lives full out.

Every now and then I believe we all need a little internal check of just how we are playing our lives.  Too often we end up in Mediocre land just going to work, cooking dinner, carting kids, then going to bed to do the same thing the next day.

It pays to re-visit our goals, revisit our aspirations, revisit our passions and see just where we are.

I  have been in Tahoe for the past week doing just this for myself.  I’ve realized, with the help of some coaching, that I am not playing my life full out, that maybe I am letting a little self-sabatage hold me back from all the great things I wish to conquer.

How about you?  Do you need a little coaching?  A little kick yourself in the pants? A little bit “Come to Jesus meeting” with yourself to get back on track?

We all need it from time to time.  And may I suggest doing it in the presence of towering pine trees, fall foilage, and coyote calls in the night!

till back on the Island…..

heather browning

SPEAK your passion….

9 09 2008

I’ve got to add on to my last post about so much passion being on the Food Network Channel.  I really do believe that once you find your passion and live it money will flow.  Today, on my usual commute to the gym, I got to thinking about something that I repeatedly come across in talking with people.

Now it is true that a lot of people just don’t have a clue about what really floats their boat.  They say they would do it if they knew what it was.  I also believe that this is due to the fact that they have lost their sense of who they are!  I truly believe that we ALL know what excites us most, but we are too afraid to speak it!

Think about that one!  I am serious!  I see this all the time.  When it gets down to the nitty gritty I find people really do know what they want to do, but they whisper it to me like they might be repremanded for having said it.

This too is conditioning from our parents and adults throughout our lives.  How many of us said as children that we wanted to become a musician, but our parents just said “oh how cute”, and bought us a doll instead of a clarinet?  How many of us as kids wished to be an actor and yet were never entered into any plays?  Think about it.  As kids we were not afraid to speak what excited us, what made our dreams alive, and what tickled our fancy.  But over time being shut down or disregarded we learned that what makes us tick would probably never happen and never earn a living with a good job!  How unfortunate we all are!

But wait!  There is hope!  As adults we don’t have to listen to others anymore!  We can stand up tall and tell others exactly what we want to do and if they can help us reach that goal then great and if not then “thanks” who’s next.  That’s the easy part!  The first step is we have to say it out loud!  Acknowledge it!  Repeat it over and over until our psyches believe it!  If you haven’t read Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” go read it!  The chapter on Autosuggestion is powerful.

I have been on my own personal journey now for almost 10 years.  I have had lots of revelations and self discoveries that have excited me and moved me forward.  But guess what!  This first step took me a while to get as well!  I have always known that coaching is my passion.  That leading people on their own journeys is what makes me tick…. and I’m good at it.  But I listened to too many others. 

Encouraging as they may have been I was always told how I belonged in Network Marketing, or you’d be so great in sales.  So guess what?  Those are the exact things that I did!  All the while knowing what really was in my heart.  I was not speaking it loudly and for all to hear! Yes, I was successful the my “other” chosen careers, but it was always due to my buiding personal relationships, not the sales!  So you see all the while I was still doing what my soul wanted to do, but with a twist!

Well,  a while ago I decided enough is enough!  I don’t want to do Network Marketing!  I don’t want to sell gym memberships!  I AM A PERSONAL MASTERY COACH and hereafter that is where I’ll be!

And guess what?  Life is great when you are truly living your passion!  And I get to help people everyday speak theirs and find the resources to help them live it!

Everyday SPEAK your passion.  Feel your life as if you were living it. Always choose in favor of it.  Do this everyday and just you watch your life take on new meaning and possibly a new direction!

heather browning

What are you pretending not to know….

27 08 2008

What in the world am I talking about now? 

 There is a fabulous quote by Billy Wilder which says:                            

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”

We have within ourselves a magnificant gift that if utilized each and everytime there is a decision to be made we will come up on top.  It doesn’t mean we maybe perfect, but it does me we will be acting for ourselves. 

Our intuition, our gut feeling, our inner voice, whatever you want to call it has been speaking to us since the day we were born!  Do we listen?  I dare to say that as we grow older we don’t.  How many times have we chosen to go against our gut feeling only to say “I wish I had listened!”

Sometimes it is a case that we are telling ourselves one thing while feeling another.  In essence we are lying to ourselves.  And guess what?  Other people see through that lie.  One of my greatest ambitions in life is to be genuine and true in all that I do.  That means truly living with my intuition guiding.  Other people feel the genuineness and see more clearly who I am.  I’ve learned to recognize that if I have a mentor telling me to do “this or that” and I have a certain “gut” reaction to it I know not to follow, eventhough the mentor may tell me I am making the wrong choice or not living out of the box enough. 

Give yourself permission to follow your gut instincts.  Who cares if it comes with insignificant things in life.  This I do know– the more we use it and act on it the more we get to have it’s guidance.

So I ask you again… What are you pretending not to know? What are you pushing aside because it may not be accepted?  What lie are you telling yourself because you are afraid of consequences?  Listen and act, I promise you’ll feel more free!  I promise to do the same thing.. We’ll act together!

heather browning

Who’s on your team?

20 08 2008

Wow!  What a great experience for me today!  Every Tuesday morning I have a Master Mind group call with my Live Out Loud team. Today my turn for facilitating ended up the best thing possible for me.  If you’re wondering what a Master Mind group is I’ll tell you real quick.  The Master Mind, instituted and named by Napolean Hill, is a group of like minded individuals who get together in counsel every week or so to support, lead, and guide each other in the success of wealth creation (or anything you so desire that you need support with). 

So today, I brought to the Master Mind an issue I was having with my internet marketing. I recieved great counsel and reassurance that I was on the right track.  Now this in and of itself was great, but what happened the rest of the day was better.  Whenever you are in a vibration of clarity and focus things flow into your life.  After this mornings call I was once again focused on my outcome and goals.  Then, as if by magic, I started recieving phone calls from people with ideas and concepts that lead me even further in my reassurance.  Totally unexpected were these additional words of advice and wisdom.

So my question to you is who is on your team?  Do you have a Master Mind group you can turn to when looking for business advice or connections?  Do you have a friend who gives wise counsel?  Do you have access to instructors in your area of interest that will help propel you to your next level? You see you will not find one abundantly wealthy person without such a team.  Master MInds work not just for wealth creation, but with anything!  Are you trying to lose weight?  Find a group!  Are you trying to develop yourself more spiritually?  Find a group!  There are so many groups out there!  Join one and see the benefits it will give you!

We are all here to learn from another and guide each other.  If you find yourself struggling right now with what to do with your life, or wondering if you are on the right path, find your team.  If you need help, I’d love to help you get started!  Just ask!

Master Minds work and so does the Law of Attraction!  Thank goodness!

heather browning

Letting Go…..

15 08 2008

How many times have we heard this in our quest for living our passions in life? 

Letting go is being in that peaceful place where you know that everything is unfolding just as it should.  And when we are in this state our minds are more relaxed and we are open to all opportunities that abound around us. 

Hale Dwoskin, founder of the Sedona Method, states that our minds make things so complicated and really things are simple and easy!

Ok, so let me throw in my two cents about this so we can discuss it.  I admit to having “shiny button” syndrome! What is that you ask?  You know when so many great ideas come your way that you think “oh this looks good, oh yeah, lets do that.  Or wow another opportunity, let’s do that one, cool this looks good too maybe I should do this.”  Pinballing back and forth to every “good opportunity” that comes your way. 

Am I the only sufferer out there?

I seem to find the most “shiny button” opportunities when I am in that state of relaxation when my mind just wonders. So I posed the question– “How do I know when the opportunity is truly coming from me allowing my intuition to lead or when it is just an emotional reaction to circumstances?”

A HA!  I have an answer for you!  Also from the Sedona Method.  I hope this helps!

In our quest for success in anything we are seeking it is crucial to know the difference between making a decision based on fear, apathy, anxiety, anger, or lust or one based on inspiration from intuition.  When faced with a new “shiny button” or new idea let it go!  You heard me, LET IT GO.  Here’s why.  If it truly is coming from intuition the thought or idea will keep coming to you.  It will always bring your focus back to it.  On the other hand if it is a circumstance based on one of the above emotions, it will dissipate.

Now think about this.  How many decisions have you made in your life that were rash? Just right off the cuff with no thought?  And in the end it ended up being the wrong thing to do.  Or it took you away from the right path and fastest way to your goal?  We have all had those!  Sometimes I think I am queen of them!

Hale Dwoskin says to ask yourself three questions before action:

1) COULD you let this go? (Let the emotion go?)

2) WOULD you let it go? (Willingness)

3) WHEN will you let it go? (take action and move on)

Once we have let go of the emotion to it and determined whether we are acting intuitively or rashly then we can be in that state of letting go  where opportunities will flow that will allow us to live our most passionate life!

Aren’t you glad for useful tools! 

I am placing three questions on my computer to help when I see a new shiny button!

I’d love to hear some feedback from you and your experiences!

till next time……

heather browning

Two days running…

13 08 2008

Okay, two days running it is once again a little child who can teach us all a thing or two! 

Why is it that as we age we lose our sense of wonderment?  Our sense of fearlessness? And our sense of confidence?  Why do we diminish our dreams that once filled our summer days with hope and enjoyment!

If you haven’t seen this already you are in for a big treat.  If you are having a bad day, prepare to be uplifted. And for all of us with a dream- well just listen  http://www.tagtele.com/videos/voir/7383/1/


–Heather Browning