Why this blog?

I am a personal development junkie.

I admit it! 

I have such a passion for things that make life better. I love to share things I find, books I’ve read, seminars I have attended, and thoughts about life. 

Being from a personal training background I know first hand that whatever you want out of life, you have to start by looking at the person within.  So many times during my career I saw people want to lose weight and yet just couldn’t get there.  You MUST take a closer look at what is holding you back and the biggest thing I learned is that it is a personal journey. 

Only you can invest the time and money into “finding” yourself and what is holding you back in life.  Jim Rohn, one of the great personal development teachers, said that the best thing you can do for your business is to invest in yourself.  I second this thought.  I have spent countless hours reading, traveling, and coaching to be able to firmly be where I am right now with knowing exactly what I want in my life. It has been such a great journey!

I now want to share these findings with you  as well as things that I find great in life in hopes of inspiring you to start your journey.  I love this industry and I absolutely know I am in the right place, and right time. So read on and share your thoughts with me.


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