If laughter were a drug….

13 11 2008

Okay, if laughter were a drug we’d all be rich!  I just spent a great five days with a group of people that I found laughed out loud all the time!  And you know what!  When things got tough they laughed some more and went on to find solutions!

How great is it that we have the ability to laugh at any moment in our lives.  Laughter lightenes the heart. Laughter quiets the mind. Laughter bonds us together.  I LOVE TO LAUGH!

Someone once told me that when he had gone to England he found that the people there had a way of laughing away self important moments.  In other words when they face someone who is being a little self righteous they laugh and the self important moment dissipates. I’m not quite so sure if that is a great thing all the time, but it sure could lessen the tension in a room!

Laughter also heals.  Remember the story of the woman in the movie “The Secret.” She credits her healing from cancer to laughter.  What a great stress buster it is!

So today, take the challenge and laugh!  Find a joke, a movie, a friend, and laugh out loud!  Enjoy how that feels!  Laugh with your children– they are always laughing!

And most importantly when life gets tough in moments allow your outlook to change with just a few chuckles!

yours in laughter,

heather browning




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