Be Outrageous….

17 11 2008

“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”


If you haven’t read Robert White’s book “Living an Extraordinary Life” you are missing out on some great personal development tips.

How many times as kids did we have such great imaginations, great ideas about what we wanted to do wih our lives, great moments of complete freedom and living out loud, only to be scolded by an adult and told to be more quiet?

Then as we got older we learned from our experiences all to well and came to the conclusion that living out loud was not okay to do.  And yet, deep down you know there is more to you that wants to be outrageous and live an extraordinary life in a way you found as a child.

The part of personal development I love the most is when I see an adult reach deep within themselves and emerge with this sense of freedom that they really can live an extraordinary life.  One in which they are in control of what they want to do. No longer dictated by the conditions that were placed on them as children. It is such a great moment to see the light come back into their eyes!

We can all have these moments.  We spend too much of our time being worried about looking foolish, failing, not being taken seriously, but secretly we admire those who can live this way.  Do we see them as foolish? All it takes is just one change of thought, one moment to jump in without looking back, one idea that comes to life, and in the end “the rewards are a life that is full and rich and even extrordinary!”

Here’s to living out loud!

heather browning



If laughter were a drug….

13 11 2008

Okay, if laughter were a drug we’d all be rich!  I just spent a great five days with a group of people that I found laughed out loud all the time!  And you know what!  When things got tough they laughed some more and went on to find solutions!

How great is it that we have the ability to laugh at any moment in our lives.  Laughter lightenes the heart. Laughter quiets the mind. Laughter bonds us together.  I LOVE TO LAUGH!

Someone once told me that when he had gone to England he found that the people there had a way of laughing away self important moments.  In other words when they face someone who is being a little self righteous they laugh and the self important moment dissipates. I’m not quite so sure if that is a great thing all the time, but it sure could lessen the tension in a room!

Laughter also heals.  Remember the story of the woman in the movie “The Secret.” She credits her healing from cancer to laughter.  What a great stress buster it is!

So today, take the challenge and laugh!  Find a joke, a movie, a friend, and laugh out loud!  Enjoy how that feels!  Laugh with your children– they are always laughing!

And most importantly when life gets tough in moments allow your outlook to change with just a few chuckles!

yours in laughter,

heather browning

Faith is a choice…

6 11 2008

Have you ever had a time in your life when life seemed to be crashing down?  Nothing was going your way and no way out was apparent?  We’ve all had times like this.  The saying goes “When it rains it pours.” Sometimes it’s true and somtimes we reach that point where our faith is tested, our belief in ourself is tested and the very foundation of our souls is tested. 

What do you do?  Have faith? Faith that things will work out?  Faith that there is always a silver lining? Faith that all things happen for reasons.

These are all great things, but may I suggest something even greater.  The best thing happens when at that breaking point where you could do no more…you CHOSE to have faith.  You made a conscious decision to let the dice roll and ride the wave.  Making that choice is so powerful!  You at that moment opened up to the universe and surrendered control, became as a humble child and allowed what may happen, happen.  Once you reach this point magic begins to happen.  Things begin to go your way, the silver lining appears. And in the end you’ve realized you’ve made it through yet another experience with renewed energy and knowledge.

May we always choose to have faith in all our difficulites in life.  Life becomes much simplier when we do and the burden becomes lighter.

heather browning