Extraordinary Living….

24 10 2008

Do you know what is so great about extraordinary living? 

It’s that it is not easy!  What?  Explain!

Okay, so for a moment remember a time in your life when what you did came easily.  Whether it was when you were young and on a team sport where you were clearly more experienced— was it fun? Or maybe it was a time when on the job the projects you were assigned to you had done so many times before that you could do it in your sleep— was it engaging? 

This life is all about changing and growing and experiencing new things!  When life gets complacent or mundane we tend to lose focus on being extraordinary!  And that means taking on new challenges that aren’t easy! Revitalizing our need for new learning, new skills, new accomplishments!

Plato had said that if we are not growing we are decaying!

Are you growing? Or decaying? Are you living extraordinary? Or ordinary?

I just returned from an intense seminar in Tahoe.  I was challenged, engaged, and continually told to stretch further.  Was it uncomfortable?  You bet!  Outside my box? You bet!  But returning home I am now revigorated and re-energized and ready to take on the next stage of my life.

I challenge you to stretch further, reach further, get out of the ordinary, feel the uncomfortable and look for the uneasy things!  LIVE EXTRAORDINARY!

heather browning




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