When Darkness Hits Do You Still Shine?

3 10 2008

Interesting thought for you…..

“People are like stained glass windows.  In the light they shine with multiple colors and beautiful shapes, but when the light dims they are dark unless their internal light shines within.”

I was sitting in the beauty salon the other day having a nice chat with my hairdresser.  Then out of no where we start to hear this other customer complain about the haircut she had just received. Not only did she not like her cut, but proceeded to yell at the woman claiming she had “ruined her hair” and how badly she now looked.  This proceeded louder and louder until I finally couldn’t contain myself and I said to her “look, you must find the solution.  Have someone else finish the cut.” 

Well this didn’t sit well at first because she didn’t want someone she didn’t know cutting her hair. Oddly enough the woman who did cut her hair was her cousin!  FAMILY! She finally conceded and had another try and fix it.  All of a sudden this eratic person was smiling and laughing and really conversing with this new stylist.  Her hair did look better and she got what she wanted.  But at what price? Certainly everyone in that place did not look at her as the “nice person” she really was because of her display of uncontrolled emotions.  She apologized to everyone, which everyone said in turn “that’s okay”, but really was it okay?  I beg to differ!  When she came up to me afterward to apologize my only response was “you had better apologize and no one should treat family or anyone that way.”  She just smiled at me and left the salon as if nothing had happened.

So I started to wonder….most of us are great people. Happy, smiley, joyful, kind when life is going good.  But we were never promised a bowl of cherries each and everyday of our lives.  When those days or times hit and the “light” quits shining what do we become?  Are we different? 

I had to stop and think about myself.  It is true that when I am stressed I get a little more testy.  I recognize this and try to control it. It was such an eye opening experience to see this “nice” lady turn into someone I would never want to deal with.  People who become totally different at the slightest complications are those who wouldn’t make good business partners.  I don’t believe I’d even like to be in any type of relationship with them.

When times go dark in your life what are you like?  I find it difficult to think that a life full of apologizing for the way we act would be a life that is satisfying.  If we are always apologizing how are we growing? As we each strive for more personal development it is such a great opportunity to let our inner light shine when things start to darken on the outside.  Life is so much better when we are able to seek solutions while still maintaining our tongues and integrity.

My hope for all is to let our lights within shine at all times and in all things!






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