Opportunities seen….

1 10 2008

As noted by some of my readers I have been missing a few days of posting.  For this I apologize and thank you for noticing.  I have been spending time with my parents visiting from the mainland.  Living in Hawaii I get quite a few visitors every year.

During this time my work takes a back seat and I find myself playing tour guide. 

I was thinking this morning about missing so much work hours and how I could “justify” this.  The cool thing is I DON’T HAVE TO!  As an entrapraneur you truly get the freedom to take some time off.

However, as a entrapraneur I am learning great things and seeing a great opportunity to learn from a highly skilled business man.  MY FATHER.  For the past week I have spent countless hours talking to him about his business career, his negotiation skills, his programs he implemented.  And for the first time in my life I realized what a brillant man he is in business.  For a great coach I really never had to look any further than my own family tree.

I have been engaging in such great conversations that my “slack” off week really hasn’t been “slacking.”

Great lesson to be able to see opportunities in everything around.  I am grateful for this lesson!  I constantly am amazed at all I am surrounded by. 

Life is amazing!




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