Balance vs. Harmony

18 09 2008

We all seek for balance.  Balance with work and family.  Balance in our careers.

But let me ask you something.  Have you ever seen a balance scale?  The ones they used to use in the old days for measuring things and counting money? 

To be in balance the scale had to be equal on both sides and not moving.  So think about that. Not moving.

Is that what we really want in our lives? Not moving? Not progressing?  Some people find it very uncomfortable to be out of balance.  Things start to change in their lives and they seek desperately to do anything to bring that status quo balance back again.  But did they grow?

Growth brings on continual unbalance in our lives.  In order to change we must be uncomfortable.  We must become comfortable with being uncomfortable.  So may I suggest that what we really seek is harmony.  A place where all things come together with synchronicity where we are always progressing and always moving forward tipping that scale in our favor.  You see if we sit still too long we just decay. 

The things we seek in life take work. I am about to take on a fantastic opportunity in my life career wise that will help shape the lives of thousands of people.  I have always been seeking for this opportunity.  The other day it showed up in my life.  When I realized that it actually is happening I suddenly got so uncomfortable and so in awe at the magnitude that for a moment I found myself wanting to just “go back to being comfortable.”  It’s easy to stay there.  But there is no growth in balance.  The things I wish to create require a lot of capacity.  Capacity that I will be gaining as I take this challenge on.  The great thing is this opportunity brings harmony to my life through the alignment of my passions.

That is the difference between balance and harmony.  Harmony adds more capacity to your life through  living your passions. Balance will just keep you where you are.  If you are happy with where you are then great, stay in balance, and yet if you listen deep down, what is aching to come out? Our souls long to progress whether by big means or small.  Creating harmony with change and growth will bring great things to you.  But only if you are willing to tip the scale in your favor!




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