Let Go..I promise you’ll still breathe!

17 09 2008

Some of the best conversations I have with myself is on the way to the gym.  I have 20 mins. to be alone with no TV, no phone, and no “mom can you drive me to the store” requests.  Yep, it’s just me and the road and the beautiful scenery.  Living in Hawaii you’d think I would spend all my time gazing at the brillant blue ocean or the palm trees swaying against the mountain backdrop.

But I don’t!

Some days I do get lost in the cool breezes and the scents of the flowers, but mostly I get lost into myself.  Selfish?  No way!  I get to have some awesome heart talks.  The other day I had one of these with profound results.

Have you ever held onto something because you didn’t want to “give up” or because in the beginning you thought it was the right thing to do?  And overtime you have this thing inside (intuition) telling you it is time to move on and you just push it aside?

I know what my passions are and where I want to go.  I have been waiting for some years now to see some sort of manifestation allowing me to fully live an extraordinary life while making a living doing what I love.  I have done an incredible amount of work to get where I am today. So here is the thing.  I have been holding onto another path (business) because it IS a good way of earning extra income.  I have been doing it for some four years now and it does me well.  However, deep down my heart always was pulling me towards knowing it wasn’t what I was meant to do. 

I kept pushing that aside though and following the advice of business coaches that led  me with this business.  Now here is where it gets good!

I finally came to the conclusion, while on my drive, listening to myself that I really don’t want to be in this business any longer and what I really want is to live my life living my passions!  I held my breath while saying it as if lightning might strike me down or my coach might call me to correct me, but guess what!  I AM STILL BREATHING!

Not only that but the very next day I got a call from a chance acquaintance of five years ago giving me the opportunity of a lifetime partnering with him and living a life following my passion! WOW!

I’m telling you, once you get out of your own way things truly do come to you.  We don’t have to know the how, we only have to know the why and what.  Be open to your life, let go, and ALWAYS choose in favor of your passions and when you do be open to how it will manifest into your life! 

That was the best breath of fresh air I have ever taken!

heather browning




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