16 09 2008

Cool thing happeded this weekend that I would like to share with you.  I am a soccer coach, coaching my son’s 12-13 year old team.  We had a game this Saturday against one of the top teams.  We knew they were the better team going in, but we were looking forward to learning from their skills and having a challenge. Well, that challenge turned into a downright smear campaign.  We were down by 5-0.  We were playing our best and had such determination, but to no avail.  I was proud of the boys for their morale, but this is not my point to the blog.

During the butt kicking our team started to notice the other team, parents, and coaches exhibiting unsportsmanship like conduct.  Now granted they were laughing and having a good time at the antics their sons were doing not directly at us, however, every laugh, every little trick to trip us up was at my teams expense. Pretty much the other team was making a mockery out of us intentionally or not.  The worst was the coaches and Referees did nothing to stop it.

Okay so the game ends, we hold our heads up high and shake hands anyway.  Now here is where the lesson comes in.  I guess that some of the spectators heard our concerns about the unsportsmanship conduct and talked to the coach about it.  Some of the other spectators expressed their concern as well to eachother of how they have never been to a game where so much “laughing” was going on out of disrespect for the other team who were trying their best.

Imagine my surprise when I got home later that night I had received two phone calls from the coach and then an email expressing his total responsibility for seeing what was going on and not stopping it.  He totaly took full responsibility and offered a very sincere apology.  I was so impressed that of course forgiveness was given.

Here is the lesson.  Sometimes we do things that we may or may not know hurts other people.  When we do realize it we have the opportunity to humble ourselves, take responsibility, and ask for forgiveness.  This coach did this and he took action right away.  It shows so much humility on his part that I was really moved by his sincerity.  What if we as a society were able to have such humility and take action right away to right the wrong we do?   What great examples we would be to others. How much trust could be built?  How much loyalty could we give?  How great would it be to have more people like this man?

Just for a moment think about things in your life and where you stand on the humility..responsibility..apology..forgiveness track.  I will, and I’m sure my team will, remember this man’s example for a long time to come.

heather browning




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