Is Your Thinking Just Noise To Pass The Time?

13 09 2008

2% of all people think,

3% think they think,

95% would rather die than think!

Thinking – the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts.

So what’s up with the statistics!  Since the day we took our first breath we have had the capability to think.  Thinking is what allowed us to hold tea parties with imaginary friends. Thinking is what made our hearts beat double time when we’d think of the person we had a crush on. And thinking allowed us to dream of our futures.  So what’s with the only 2% think!  The answer? Most of the time our thinking revolves around noise.

The noise of the day, the noise of the argument you had last night with your spouse, the noise of what you are going to cook for dinner, the noise of how much money your child needs for school. And the list goes on and on.  Am I right? 

None of this leads us to what we say we want. It’s just thinking that passes time. So we come to the conclusion that the great thinkers who say we can manifest anything we so desire into the physical realm by thinking we are in possession of it, must be talking about those other guys. And most of us end up in the 95%!

We simply must change our usual thought processes into focused powerful, burning desire, faith believing, thoughts and absolutely we can change our lives.

It all starts with awareness.  How do you spend your days thinking?  Noise or productive?  Are you one who gets an idea and then thinks twice about how no one would listen anyway?  Are you one who truly knows what you’d like to be doing, but think it is too hard to accomplish?  If this is you you are in the 95%!

So here’s a challenge for you. Get out of the 95%!  Prove this thinking thing right.  Spend time everyday for a week thinking of something small that would help you out a little in life.  Quiet the other noise that says your crazy and truly see, feel, and believe you have that little something.  I promise you you’ll be amazed.

And may I say that being part of the 2% is way more fun than the 95%!

Think, listen, act! Your passions are waiting!

heather browning




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