Behold The Magic Pill….or is there one for success?

11 09 2008

We’ve all seen them…. we’ve all envied them….. we’ve even wondered why we can’t be just like them!  Surely they have the magic pill we all seek!  You know the ones.  The pills that will make us thin overnight. The million dollar idea that will catapult us to millionaire status by next year.  And let’s not forget about the system you can buy that will make you a real estate expert in as little as 30 days!

You cry “so not fair! Why do some people make it and yet I can’t seem to?”

And so you move on to the next guru and hope that they will have that magic pill for you where you will finally make all your dreams come true and live the life that all the successful say you can have too.

This vicious cycle can make us feel somewhat of a failure.  But are we?  NO WAY!  What we don’t realize is that we have always possessed the magic pill within ourselves.  The only difference between you and the successful entrapneur is that he/she “gets it”.  They get that success comes from a determination to have things different in their lives and that determination turns into a burning desire that will perservere until the equivalent of value in money or success shows up in their lives.  They do not settle and they do not divert.

Sound familiar?  That’s right. These words are straight out of the classic Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” book.  (if you haven’t read it click on the blogroll link and get it!)

I don’t care who the person is that you ask, or how successful they are, every one will tell you that they had reached a point where there was no turning back and they had a desire so intense that they wouldn’t take no for an answer.  They had PASSION for their desire!

Okay you say you have passion for yours, but still are poor?  I ask you then, do you have the passion that burns a hole in your soul everytime you think about it?  Put your hand over your heart, take a deep breath, and then ask yourself if this endeavor is what you are truly passionate about.  Your heart will not lie– aka intuition.  If the answer is yes you will have a light feeling in your soul and a burning within, and if it is no you’ll feel a heaviness.  Listen well, this is your magic pill!

See I believe we seek after things that others have been successful at and offer to us the same type of success when really we haven’t been completely honest with what we really are passionate about!  Again we don’t speak out loud our passions!  Do you want to build motorcycles and sell them?  DO IT!  Do you want to make cakes and sell them? DO IT! Do you want to have a craft booth at every craft fair possible because you love to travel and do crafts? DO IT!  These passions are what will bring your desires to burning status and then as Napolean Hill states when the money starts flowing in it will come with such abundance that you’ll wonder where it has been!

My thought for you is to take a moment and truly feel your passion.  Put your hand over your heart and truly have a chat with your soul.  Stop spending money on another program and start creating that burning desire, believing you can have it in so much that your subconscious will take notice and hand over the plans in which to obtain it.

Here’s to your passions!  Our own Magic Pill!

If you’d love to chat more on this drop me a line!

heather browning




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12 09 2008

My only disappointment is that you didn’t give a diet! 😛 lol!

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