It’s really okay to say no!

10 09 2008

Have you ever felt the freedom of saying No to something that deep inside you know does not “feel” right to you?

Have you ever given yourself permission to be completely genuine with yourself and say no to things that take you another way?

I just had a great conversation with a good friend of mine.  She sent me an email stating that she had finally come to the realization that she is just not a network marketer.  She doesn’t want to hold someone’s hand, she doesn’t want to hear the complaints, and she doesn’t want to only have friends based on business relationships.  FABULOUS!  IT’S OKAY!  (Now the deep cleansing breath can take place.)

It’s okay to finally say out loud what your intuition has been telling you all along!  It’s okay to feel that you’d like to go another way. 

I believe that we don’t listen to our intuition more because we are conditioned to listen to “those who know more than we do” or “this is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime.” Well, guess what?  Once in a lifetime opportunities happen every other day! 

The most important thing for us to remember is to ask ourselves “deep down what is my gut telling me about this opportunity? This acquaintance? This business deal? This offer?” “Will my decision allow me to live a life where I am genuinely true to myself?”

For today take a life check.  Are their things in your life that you are holding your breath doing because you are “enduring it?”  Is there something your intuition is telling you to pay attention to?  Or just plain and simple are you truly living with passion and if not what will you do about it?  

The cleansing breath you’ll get to take after saying No will be so well worth it!

heather browning




One response

10 09 2008

I agree entirely, most people think its polite to say yes to everything and anything. In the process we are doing more harm than good to ourselves. There is no congruence when inside you are screaming noooo! and yet with a grin you are saying yes. Observant people can “read” and see that you are not sincere, in the process you loose credibility. You end up the looser, you are not true to yourself and you are not true to the people you are being polite to.

Thanks for the timely message. We need to practise what we say!!

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