SPEAK your passion….

9 09 2008

I’ve got to add on to my last post about so much passion being on the Food Network Channel.  I really do believe that once you find your passion and live it money will flow.  Today, on my usual commute to the gym, I got to thinking about something that I repeatedly come across in talking with people.

Now it is true that a lot of people just don’t have a clue about what really floats their boat.  They say they would do it if they knew what it was.  I also believe that this is due to the fact that they have lost their sense of who they are!  I truly believe that we ALL know what excites us most, but we are too afraid to speak it!

Think about that one!  I am serious!  I see this all the time.  When it gets down to the nitty gritty I find people really do know what they want to do, but they whisper it to me like they might be repremanded for having said it.

This too is conditioning from our parents and adults throughout our lives.  How many of us said as children that we wanted to become a musician, but our parents just said “oh how cute”, and bought us a doll instead of a clarinet?  How many of us as kids wished to be an actor and yet were never entered into any plays?  Think about it.  As kids we were not afraid to speak what excited us, what made our dreams alive, and what tickled our fancy.  But over time being shut down or disregarded we learned that what makes us tick would probably never happen and never earn a living with a good job!  How unfortunate we all are!

But wait!  There is hope!  As adults we don’t have to listen to others anymore!  We can stand up tall and tell others exactly what we want to do and if they can help us reach that goal then great and if not then “thanks” who’s next.  That’s the easy part!  The first step is we have to say it out loud!  Acknowledge it!  Repeat it over and over until our psyches believe it!  If you haven’t read Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” go read it!  The chapter on Autosuggestion is powerful.

I have been on my own personal journey now for almost 10 years.  I have had lots of revelations and self discoveries that have excited me and moved me forward.  But guess what!  This first step took me a while to get as well!  I have always known that coaching is my passion.  That leading people on their own journeys is what makes me tick…. and I’m good at it.  But I listened to too many others. 

Encouraging as they may have been I was always told how I belonged in Network Marketing, or you’d be so great in sales.  So guess what?  Those are the exact things that I did!  All the while knowing what really was in my heart.  I was not speaking it loudly and for all to hear! Yes, I was successful the my “other” chosen careers, but it was always due to my buiding personal relationships, not the sales!  So you see all the while I was still doing what my soul wanted to do, but with a twist!

Well,  a while ago I decided enough is enough!  I don’t want to do Network Marketing!  I don’t want to sell gym memberships!  I AM A PERSONAL MASTERY COACH and hereafter that is where I’ll be!

And guess what?  Life is great when you are truly living your passion!  And I get to help people everyday speak theirs and find the resources to help them live it!

Everyday SPEAK your passion.  Feel your life as if you were living it. Always choose in favor of it.  Do this everyday and just you watch your life take on new meaning and possibly a new direction!

heather browning




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