Passion on the Food Network?

4 09 2008

Oh yeah, there’s a whole lot of passion happening all over The Food Network!

But alas, it may not be the kind YOU were thinking about!

I love The Food Network channel.  I probably watch it more than any other channel.  But I am no cook!  Infact, my family is lucky if I actually cook (vs. pulling something together) once or twice a week.  My poor husband has taken it upon himself to become a budding chef.  I say yeah you go!

So why do I love watching it?  Well, the other day it suddenly dawned on me!  As a personal mastery coach and entrapneur I love being around passionate people!  And every show on this channel has people who are passionate about food!  Food IS their passion and they are living it everyday!  I Love it!  The excitement Ace Of Cakes gets from making a Harry Potter cake, the thrill Anderw Zimmerin gets from eating boiled worms, and the laughter Paula Dean fills her party with is what passion is all about!

We live in America!  We have the ability to earn a living doing what we are passionate about!  We just watched the Olympics.  These athletes are earning money living their passion!  Actors get where they are because of their passion.  It goes on and on.  In fact, the reason for great success for most people is because they live their passion! 

 Are you successfully living your passion?  Do you even know what your true passions are?  I firmly believe that once you find and follow your passions the money will follow.  Maybe you’ll be the next passionate Food Network Star!

heather browning




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