Do YOU have a right to love your life?

3 09 2008

You would be surprised that many of the people I ask this question to just stare me in the eyes trying to think of an answer.

As I tell my children often, “This is a Yes or No question!”  You shouldn’t have to think about it!

OF COURSE you have the right to love everything about your life!  Life was meant to be enjoyed!  Life was meant to be fulfilling.  Life was meant to allow your spirit expansion!

Then why do we find ourselves all too often with glazed over eyes not knowing the answer to this question?

There is a great picture that hangs in my son’s room.  It is a picture of Christ hugging an adult male as a parent would a child.  The caption reads “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

I love this quote.  It helps remind me that when my life does get tough that I will make it through the day and if I choose to overcome positively then everything will be for my good and I will once again get to the enjoyment of life.

We all have different stages of what we are loving in life.  My sister for example is loving her life with the birth of her twins.  My friend is loving her life with the empty nest thing happening, I am loving my life with my coaching career taking off, my son is loving his life with every new trick he learns on his skateboard. 

Do you see?  We are all different and at different places.  And we have a right to love where we are!  And let me close by saying that if you are one of those galzed over people find something, anything, about your life (big or small, today or yesterday) to love.  Focus on those feelings enjoy how it makes you feel and then watch how more enjoyment is brought to you everyday.

And once again, as Janet Atwood puts it, whenever there is a choice to be made always choose in favor of your passions.

Enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow!

heather browning




One response

7 09 2008

I like your post. Loving ourselves is often forgotten in the pursuit of money, happiness and so forth. Loving you is what is missing in many lives. Great content on this blog and all the best.

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