Are You Blissed or Pissed?

1 09 2008

“Are You Blissed or Pissed?”

Believe it or not this is a bumper sticker!  It couldn’t be more relevant to our lives each and everyday!

Yesterday was Sunday and just like all Sundays I go to church and spend the rest of the day with my children.  Sometimes this is enjoyable and sometimes not so.  I found myself yesterday with a teenage daughter who just really didn’t want to have family day!

I feel like I spent the entire day fighting the pervading “pissed” energy looking for the “blissed” energy!

Each an everyday we make a decision whether to be pissed or blissed.  From the moment we wake up it is our choice whether we will conquer the day with energy and hope or find fault around every corner.

All day yesterday everything that came out of my daughter’s mouth was “I hate”, “This makes me angry”, “That just makes me mad!”  I just wanted run and hide least I be affected by the energy she was attracting!  But like a good mom, coach, and mentor, I made an effort to guide her away from where her words were taking her.  How?

Laughter.  Laughter can lighten any mood.  Laughter is healing. Laughter is just plain fun!  So I brought out the old baby albums, we watched a funny movie, and we took a walk in the beautiful evening air that Hawaii provides!

In the end I made it through blissfully with only one escape to my room and off my daughter went to bed!

Truly living blissed or pissed is a choice.  We have this choice everyday, every moment of our lives. We decide how we will react to things and situations.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend the day laughing and being silly than dodging “I hate” eyes anyday!

So here is to another bliss filled day!  It’s a Holiday, what’s there not to be blissed about!

heather browning




One response

2 09 2008
Tracy Crowe

It is wonderfully empowering to know that whether we are happy or sad is simply a matter of choice. I can say no to feelings of anger, frustration, and depression. I can say yes to feelings of peace and joy (actually it is more the second than the first). Often when we are caught up in an upsetting situation there seems to be only one way of looking at it, and only one way to feel about it, and only one way to do something about it. Thank God that is not true. We always have choices.

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