Hallelujah for attraction…..

28 08 2008

Just a real quick thought today. I am so grateful for the Law of Attraction!

Once again it manifests in my life what I need when I need it most.

For the last six months I have been creating a new internet campaign for my health and wellness company. I feel so strongly that people are wanting to be able to do something truly at home without having to “talk to everyone who breathes!” Anyway, I’ve been working on, what seems like, endless revisions to a site that seemed so simple in the beginning.  Yesterday I had my “I am spinning my wheels getting no where” moment.

After my cry to the universe (outloud of course and in thought) when I got home my business coach called and said “let’s look at that site and fix it!”  Hallelujah!!! I feel hopeful once again!  But most importantly when things like this happen it allows me to see that I am on the right course.  This IS what I am supposed to be doing!

I’m telling you attraction works. 

What are you attracting today? 

What areas can you step back and look at and be able to see what you have attracted?  In your quiet moments you’ll be able to see them.

Be grateful for those moments and acknowledge them.  More will come when you do!

Have a great attracting day!

heather browning




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