A Soap Box Worth Standing On…..

25 08 2008

I actually had to delay writing this post because at the time I was standing on my soap box I was quite fired up!  If I had put my words into written form I am afraid I might have rattled a few cages and hit too close to home for many.

And then I thought, this world needs to have a few cages rattled and so I am once again standing on my soap box! So watch out!

I was talking to a friend of mine on Friday and we were discussing the plight of mutual friend. Now this friend has been down on his luck for quite sometime.  Always working hard towards the direction of finding that “big pay day”, but never being humble enough to recognize another path.

Anyway, my friend was on his way home one night very early in the morning when on the freeway a tire blew leading him to do some damage to his only car working.  With no money to buy a new tire, no money to fix his other car, he is in a bit of a bind.

The first thing out of his mouth once he got home is how much “God hates me.  He never lets things go my way, I’m never going back to church!”

Okay so here is my soap box!  Regardless if you are religious or not, where are you placing the blame for the things that happen your life?  Where is the self-responsibility in this nation! We have become a people of blamers, accusationers, and we absolutely take no responsibility for where we are right now!

Now in the case of my friend, never mind that “God” just might have saved his butt by not crashing.  Never mind that he has been chasing the same “dream job” for four years now still penniless never once thinking maybe I should move on, never mind that other job opportunities have come his way (they are all below him), and certainly never mind that “Faith must proceed the blessing” and pride is the fall of all men!  It is ALL someone else’s fault!

America we must wake up and smell the coffee!  No one ever got anywhere blaming others.  In fact, some of the greatest stories are of those born in dire circumstances who have risen up and become great athletes, teachers, business men, etc.  What fabulous stories!  Remember Will Smith in “The Pursuit Of Happyness?”  The man he portrayed could have easily given up and stayed on the streets blaming others for his misfortune.  BUT HE DIDN’T!  He took responsibility, never complaining or blaming, and worked his butt off! 

We have got to take responsibilty for where our feet are planted each and everyday!  The words “I chose this, I did this, I understand” have got to be the language we use when we are considering the next steps of our lives.

Lack of responsibility ends with failed marriages, fatherless children, job loss, disease, and oh so much more!  Could you just for a moment imagine a world where everyone took responsibility?  What a fabulous place that would be! 

The greatest thing we can be teaching the younger generation is self-responsibility and what a blessing it actually is.  In our country we are blessed to be able to do whatever we feel is right for our lives.  We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to take up whatever stand we feel is right.  We have so much! With that comes responsibility of how we use those rights.  Unfortunately our prisons are filled, our divorce rate is high, our schools are suffering because of the abuse of those rights.

Let’s be examples of the good things that come about because we take responsibility!  Let’s admit when we are wrong Let’s correct our course when we stray. Let’s lead others to do the same! And by all means let’s be responsibile for the things we say and do!

I now step down……..for the moment…..

heather browning




2 responses

27 08 2008
karl pennock

heather, you have nailed it!! nice guys finish last! i think, we, as a society, think there’s always an easy way out, because we see our politicians, movie stars,professional athletes, and even our most trusted contacts i.e. doctors,clergymen,have not lived up to basic the basic notion of self-responsibiliy. if you make a mistake just fess’ up! you know the old story of breaking the neighbor’s window, playing baseball; my dad would never have let me get away without taking responsibilty for that! how many fathers would do that in our time?

27 08 2008
karl pennock


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