A journey that is personal…..

22 08 2008

Thank you so much for the comments that have been being left on this blog.  I love to hear what you have to say and I love being in the enviornment of like minded people. I recieved some comments yesterday by www.reachingmypotential.com (I hope it is ok to post your web  address! For those unaware this is a great site.)

I absolutely love the site name.  I have been wanting to write about that exact same topic for quite a while. 

We are all here on this earth to do great things.  I whole heartedly believe in our destinies and that we control whether we reach them or not.

When I was personal training in the fitness industry the thing that would stand out as the difference between those who reached their goal and those who didn’t was their personal desire to enter this journey towards their goal.  The ones who succeeded knew it would take time and were willing to start the path.

This holds true for your personal development.  It is a journey.  Something that doesn’t happen overnight, something that can be frustrating at times, and something that can definitely fill your life with jubilation!

It seems hard to believe that I personally started this journey about 7 years ago.  I can’t believe it has been that long!  I’ve always been spiritual, but the journey took a deeper meaning.  It was almost 7 years ago next month that I sat in a personal mastery seminar with Klemmer and Associates ready to learn things to explode my business.

What I found in 2 1/2  days had nothing to do with my business, but everything to do with how to salvage my relationship with my daughter (struggling with her Dad’s death). The inner responsibility I learned that weekend was the best changing experience of my life!

Since then I have spent so many hours attending workshops, reading books, listening to cds, etc. that I could probably own stock in the industry!  I love it and I am amazed at how I continue to grow!

But here is the thing I have also learned from my journey.  You can’t force another to take it with you. It is hard sometimes when you are progressing and changing and your partner or family member doesn’t want to come too.  Sometimes it puts a strain on the relationship.  You may feel a slight separation.  However, what I have come to peace with is that this is a PERSONAL journey.  One that must be taken personally with the motivation from within.

I am at peace with this.  I have also found that as I am the example of pure love and acceptance of other’s journey I see them progressing too.  Little things start to change in them as well.  It is a great thing to see!

I love my life!  I love BEING in my life, being present with the day and being present with the people I associate with.

For a brief moment today take a little time to think about where on your personal journey you are.  Are there some course directions needed?  Some acceptance needing to be given? The journey is so well worth it!  Life is better when you enjoy every moment of it!

–heather browning




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22 08 2008

Thank you. I hope I get back to your spot and…..soon. I’ve really gotten lost. stoiccupcake@wordpress.com

22 08 2008

Hi Heather,

I had a similar revelation about two years ago; feeling like something was missing from my life. Do I need to “find religion?” Do I need to take a “journey?” I decided to have an aura/chakra reading and haven’t looked back since. What was missing? Me. It was the realization that I didn’t need external sources to feel whole. What I needed was to get back to me, my spirit, my true nature. And life feels so much better. And its not that I don’t falter; this can be hard work. But when I still the inner voice and return to that place of stillness, if only for a few minutes, I can get myself back on track again.

I’ve posted similar reflections on my blog, http://moonroommuse.wordpress.com

I enjoyed reading through your posts. Thanks for sharing your experience and insight.


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