Trimming and Pruning……

20 08 2008

Ok, have I really lost my rocker this time?  Can I possibly apply trimming and pruning to life?  Never fear, of course I can!  With a little help from an email I received yesterday.

The email was talking about how one man was preparing for the tropical storm Faye.  One would think that he would be reinforcing all doors, boarding up windows, and sealing any crack in the house.  But instead he was outside pruning and trimming the trees and shrubs.  He had some 65 species of them on his property. The trimmed branches seemed to pile as high as his house.  You see by trimming back the foilage he reduced the surface that could serve as a wind trap increasing the likely hood of damage to his house.

So now I ask you the same question asked me.  What things can you TRIM back in your own life that may be the cause of a destructive path?  Are negative thoughts impeding your way to living a passionate life?  Do you have relationships that are toxic and holding you back from making a leap on your own. 

You see in order to make a change in your life, you must make a change!  There must be something inside that tells you that you hate where you stand MORE than the fear of making a stand.

So for a brief moment today, give yourself some time to think about what needs trimming in order for you to get what you want out of life and by all means GET THAT SAW OUT and start pruning!

heather browning




One response

21 08 2008
Tracy Crowe

One of the most important things to trim, perhaps, is the negative beleifs you have about yourself; especially those that say you can’t do anything, you aren’t smart enough to figure it out, etc. All the negative things you learned about yourself from your parents and other people who were important to you early in life which are simply not true, or no longer relevant. Toxic relationships are very important too.

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