Letting Go…..

15 08 2008

How many times have we heard this in our quest for living our passions in life? 

Letting go is being in that peaceful place where you know that everything is unfolding just as it should.  And when we are in this state our minds are more relaxed and we are open to all opportunities that abound around us. 

Hale Dwoskin, founder of the Sedona Method, states that our minds make things so complicated and really things are simple and easy!

Ok, so let me throw in my two cents about this so we can discuss it.  I admit to having “shiny button” syndrome! What is that you ask?  You know when so many great ideas come your way that you think “oh this looks good, oh yeah, lets do that.  Or wow another opportunity, let’s do that one, cool this looks good too maybe I should do this.”  Pinballing back and forth to every “good opportunity” that comes your way. 

Am I the only sufferer out there?

I seem to find the most “shiny button” opportunities when I am in that state of relaxation when my mind just wonders. So I posed the question– “How do I know when the opportunity is truly coming from me allowing my intuition to lead or when it is just an emotional reaction to circumstances?”

A HA!  I have an answer for you!  Also from the Sedona Method.  I hope this helps!

In our quest for success in anything we are seeking it is crucial to know the difference between making a decision based on fear, apathy, anxiety, anger, or lust or one based on inspiration from intuition.  When faced with a new “shiny button” or new idea let it go!  You heard me, LET IT GO.  Here’s why.  If it truly is coming from intuition the thought or idea will keep coming to you.  It will always bring your focus back to it.  On the other hand if it is a circumstance based on one of the above emotions, it will dissipate.

Now think about this.  How many decisions have you made in your life that were rash? Just right off the cuff with no thought?  And in the end it ended up being the wrong thing to do.  Or it took you away from the right path and fastest way to your goal?  We have all had those!  Sometimes I think I am queen of them!

Hale Dwoskin says to ask yourself three questions before action:

1) COULD you let this go? (Let the emotion go?)

2) WOULD you let it go? (Willingness)

3) WHEN will you let it go? (take action and move on)

Once we have let go of the emotion to it and determined whether we are acting intuitively or rashly then we can be in that state of letting go  where opportunities will flow that will allow us to live our most passionate life!

Aren’t you glad for useful tools! 

I am placing three questions on my computer to help when I see a new shiny button!

I’d love to hear some feedback from you and your experiences!

till next time……

heather browning




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