4ft Tall Integrity…..

12 08 2008

Friday night I am sure I was just like you. 

Anxiously watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics waiting for my team to enter the statdium.  Now usually this gets to be a little boring for me so I tend to fast forward alot. (Thank heavens for DVR!)  But something drew my attention when the Chinese team came in. 

Of course the NBA star Yao Ming being 7ft 6 in. tall would command a presence and deserve a second look.  However, alongside him came a 4 ft tall little boy with his hand in Yao’s.  Now who is this boy I wondered.  He looks like he is 7 years old. 

Come to find out this little 9 year old is a survivor of the earthquake there in China not too long ago.  Now this is remarakable in and of itself since he had to free himself from the rubble.  But what made this little boy so inspiring is that once he was free he went back into the rubble and saved three of his classmates.  When asked why he did this, his reply was: It was his responsibility.  He was in charge.  He was the hall monitor for the week!  What an amazing little boy full of integrity to himself and one who took his responsibility so to heart that at the age of 9 it was no question to him that he would need to help save his classmates!

How many of us would have done the same?  How many of us do the same in our daily lives?  Do we take our responsibilites to heart?  What kind of integrity do we have when push comes to shove?  Or when the walls come tumbling down?

Kudos to this young man!  Thanks for showing us the true meaning of integrity and responsibility!

For a picture click on the link:


enjoy!  Heather Browning




2 responses

12 08 2008
Paul Maurice Martin

That’s a great story. As someone who spent 23 years working in elementary schools, it adds up.

At the last school I worked in particular, the children were assigned lots of jobs: hall monitor, student host, mediator, “patrols,” morning announcements team…

You could see that the kids took their jobs seriously enough that I can just imagine that a child that young, in that sort of situation, could end up having a “just doing my job” reaction.

Now if we could just get the adults on board…

13 08 2008
Sue Seward

Amazing story! Thanks for sharing and it’s so great to connect with you
Heather. Love your spirit!

It does say afterall in the Bible….”and a ‘little child’ shall lead them.”

You Were Created For Success!

Sue Seward

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