Because I CAN…..

8 08 2008

Anyone who has ever driven with me knows my favorite saying.  Whenever they ask me why I went this way or that I always answer, “Because I can!”  Now lets think about this for a moment.  Don’t they think I know my own way home? Or how to get to the grocery store!  So instead of saying “stop backrow driving!” harshly and in mean tones, I simply say, “because I can.” 

I’ve used that phrase a lot in my life.  I don’t take kindly to someone telling me that I can’t do something or something is impossible.  ALL things are possible right?  All this has to do with the concept of permission and allowance.  Do you give yourself permission to be wealthy?  Do you give yourself permission to seek after the career your soul cries out to fill? Do you give yourself permission to really live your passions eventhough people say you’ll never make money at it?

What an interesting concept.  We tend to look outside ourselves when something goes wrong, or we are stuck in a situation not getting what we want.  What we really need to be doing is looking inward giving ourselves permission and allowing ourselves to live the life we really want….BECAUSE WE CAN!

Janet Atwood always states that when you are faced with a decision in your life rather big or small always choose in favor of your passions!  This is giving yourself permission to have the life you want!  This week for a moment write down one or two things that you are going to give yourself permission to do… because you can.  Feel the power and the liberation it will bring you! 

Mine for the week?  I have a right (giving myself permission) to love everything about my life! 

Because I Can!

Send me some comments on what you decided to give yourself permission to do!




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