With Ease……

7 08 2008

Don’t you just love the moments where you are once again reminded about a part of living your passions you might have just forgotten about?  I’d like to share my wake up moment of yesterday!

For those who read this blog regularly, you will have noticed that I had no post yesterday.  And this is because I was embraced by a moment of frustration with what I want out of life and not being able to produce it!  I know exactly what I want to be doing with my career and yet my business coach says he just spent “45 mins. being told what you don’t want and won’t do.” And then he proceeded in telling me I was “poisoning my own wealth!”  How can this be!  I am a positive person!  I employ the Law of Attraction!  I almost always focus on solutions and opportunities!  With out saying, I was a little bit taken back.

Where was the truth to his words!  He obviously was hearing me in a different way.  So I had to do a little self contemplation.  I began to meditate, I listened to some music recordings on consiousone.com, and I just sat there.

Then it finally came, my answer.  I was reminded in my mind about something Janet Atwood says in her book, “The Passion Test”.  She said that living your passion should be with ease!  What does that mean?  It means that when I am in that moment of frustration or going 90 miles a minute with jumbled thoughts or jumping from one thing to another with a desperateness of attaining, that is constriction!  Once constriction happens all good opportunity vibrations with the Law of Attraction are turned to attracting what I don’t want!  Poison in my life, so to speak!  The Law of Attraction is working all the time, this we know. When my vibration is high (with ease) I don’t have to work so feverishly making sure I “don’t miss out on an opportunity” or patrolling all borders in search of them out of fear, they will come to me!  It is the old adage of when you lest expect something it will come!  When I am at ease!  Let the process happen!

So my coach was right to some degree.  I was in a state of constriction before I even got on the phone with him and he totally picked up on it!  I am once again at ease with knowing what I want and at peace knowing with action all things can open up for me! 

Hallelujah for such insights!  Remember live your passions with ease and when facing a decision always chose in favor of your passions!




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