What is your escape path?

1 08 2008

 How do you escape?

We all know that we have programs within us that lead us to act or react in certain ways.  Some are good and help us on our path to what we want in life and some are not so good which stand in our way of getting what we want.

But how about looking closer at what we find ourselves doing when life gets tough. I believe we all have individual ways that we end up “not dealing” with whatever we are faced with.  These escapes are another thing that keeps us from obtaining what we desire.  The old saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” really applies to our roadblocks.

For example, I have been increasingly working on getting more tech savvy with the internet.  Today I was reading yet another email about “our SEO expert is the best” and why I should hire them or buy their program.  Now I don’t know about you, but I am sick of buying this or that program.  I don’t need another home study course I NEED DIRECT ANSWERS AND SHOW ME HOWS! And as I was reading and feeling my frustration of “will I ever get it, will it ever work, could I, etc” (you know all the self-doubt stuff) I found myself suddenly with an urge to go take a shower, dry my hair, and hey the mangos on the tree need to be picked, and oh by the way you have a voicemail waiting to be read…. and so on and so on…..  Suddenly I had wasted about an hour of productive work time on nothing! (Ok, I am clean from a shower though!)

I guess what dawned on me is this “escape and be busy with other things” happens to me all the time when I face my roadblock of progression.  And it doesn’t matter what I am escaping from, business, family, marriage- whatever, I do it all the time when I am in that self-doubt mode!

Cool realization, eh?  So how about you? The next time you find yourself wanting to escape, what do you tend to do? And just maybe we can all learn to recognize what we are about to do and tell ourselves “No, I am going to stay and deal!”

So here’s to “staying and dealing”………. Another path that will help us get what we want!




2 responses

1 08 2008

Great post. I am always interested in ideas that cause me to think in a new way. Thanks. You may find some of my posts interesting as well. I look forward to more.

1 08 2008

Thanks for reading. What is your blog site that I could look at?

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