Next times…..

1 08 2008

“Next time.” 

The answer to so many questions that ultimately lead us down to our wake up moment of “Hey what happened to my life?”

So many times when we are asked to go out, asked to attend a function, asked to play soccer with our child, asked to take a trip to Alaska we answer with “next time.”

How many times in our lives do we find that “next time?”  I’ll tell you.. NEVER!

Have you ever seen the movie with Queen Latifah called “The Last Holiday?” Here is a woman who is unknowingly misdiagnosed with a terminal brain disease and she sets out to spend every penny she has doing exactly what she wants during her last three weeks to live.  At one point she looks into a mirror and states, “Next time you do things different. We will laugh more, we’ll love more, we’ll see the world.  We just won’t be so afraid.”

How sad is this!  Right now, today, how much have you laughed?  How have you loved? What are you afraid of doing?  There is no “next time” in this life!  Do the things that make you love, laugh, and enjoy life with those that make you love, laugh, and enjoy life! 

How simple the formula and yet profound the results!




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