Hallelujah for attraction…..

28 08 2008

Just a real quick thought today. I am so grateful for the Law of Attraction!

Once again it manifests in my life what I need when I need it most.

For the last six months I have been creating a new internet campaign for my health and wellness company. I feel so strongly that people are wanting to be able to do something truly at home without having to “talk to everyone who breathes!” Anyway, I’ve been working on, what seems like, endless revisions to a site that seemed so simple in the beginning.  Yesterday I had my “I am spinning my wheels getting no where” moment.

After my cry to the universe (outloud of course and in thought) when I got home my business coach called and said “let’s look at that site and fix it!”  Hallelujah!!! I feel hopeful once again!  But most importantly when things like this happen it allows me to see that I am on the right course.  This IS what I am supposed to be doing!

I’m telling you attraction works. 

What are you attracting today? 

What areas can you step back and look at and be able to see what you have attracted?  In your quiet moments you’ll be able to see them.

Be grateful for those moments and acknowledge them.  More will come when you do!

Have a great attracting day!

heather browning


What are you pretending not to know….

27 08 2008

What in the world am I talking about now? 

 There is a fabulous quote by Billy Wilder which says:                            

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”

We have within ourselves a magnificant gift that if utilized each and everytime there is a decision to be made we will come up on top.  It doesn’t mean we maybe perfect, but it does me we will be acting for ourselves. 

Our intuition, our gut feeling, our inner voice, whatever you want to call it has been speaking to us since the day we were born!  Do we listen?  I dare to say that as we grow older we don’t.  How many times have we chosen to go against our gut feeling only to say “I wish I had listened!”

Sometimes it is a case that we are telling ourselves one thing while feeling another.  In essence we are lying to ourselves.  And guess what?  Other people see through that lie.  One of my greatest ambitions in life is to be genuine and true in all that I do.  That means truly living with my intuition guiding.  Other people feel the genuineness and see more clearly who I am.  I’ve learned to recognize that if I have a mentor telling me to do “this or that” and I have a certain “gut” reaction to it I know not to follow, eventhough the mentor may tell me I am making the wrong choice or not living out of the box enough. 

Give yourself permission to follow your gut instincts.  Who cares if it comes with insignificant things in life.  This I do know– the more we use it and act on it the more we get to have it’s guidance.

So I ask you again… What are you pretending not to know? What are you pushing aside because it may not be accepted?  What lie are you telling yourself because you are afraid of consequences?  Listen and act, I promise you’ll feel more free!  I promise to do the same thing.. We’ll act together!

heather browning

A Soap Box Worth Standing On…..

25 08 2008

I actually had to delay writing this post because at the time I was standing on my soap box I was quite fired up!  If I had put my words into written form I am afraid I might have rattled a few cages and hit too close to home for many.

And then I thought, this world needs to have a few cages rattled and so I am once again standing on my soap box! So watch out!

I was talking to a friend of mine on Friday and we were discussing the plight of mutual friend. Now this friend has been down on his luck for quite sometime.  Always working hard towards the direction of finding that “big pay day”, but never being humble enough to recognize another path.

Anyway, my friend was on his way home one night very early in the morning when on the freeway a tire blew leading him to do some damage to his only car working.  With no money to buy a new tire, no money to fix his other car, he is in a bit of a bind.

The first thing out of his mouth once he got home is how much “God hates me.  He never lets things go my way, I’m never going back to church!”

Okay so here is my soap box!  Regardless if you are religious or not, where are you placing the blame for the things that happen your life?  Where is the self-responsibility in this nation! We have become a people of blamers, accusationers, and we absolutely take no responsibility for where we are right now!

Now in the case of my friend, never mind that “God” just might have saved his butt by not crashing.  Never mind that he has been chasing the same “dream job” for four years now still penniless never once thinking maybe I should move on, never mind that other job opportunities have come his way (they are all below him), and certainly never mind that “Faith must proceed the blessing” and pride is the fall of all men!  It is ALL someone else’s fault!

America we must wake up and smell the coffee!  No one ever got anywhere blaming others.  In fact, some of the greatest stories are of those born in dire circumstances who have risen up and become great athletes, teachers, business men, etc.  What fabulous stories!  Remember Will Smith in “The Pursuit Of Happyness?”  The man he portrayed could have easily given up and stayed on the streets blaming others for his misfortune.  BUT HE DIDN’T!  He took responsibility, never complaining or blaming, and worked his butt off! 

We have got to take responsibilty for where our feet are planted each and everyday!  The words “I chose this, I did this, I understand” have got to be the language we use when we are considering the next steps of our lives.

Lack of responsibility ends with failed marriages, fatherless children, job loss, disease, and oh so much more!  Could you just for a moment imagine a world where everyone took responsibility?  What a fabulous place that would be! 

The greatest thing we can be teaching the younger generation is self-responsibility and what a blessing it actually is.  In our country we are blessed to be able to do whatever we feel is right for our lives.  We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to take up whatever stand we feel is right.  We have so much! With that comes responsibility of how we use those rights.  Unfortunately our prisons are filled, our divorce rate is high, our schools are suffering because of the abuse of those rights.

Let’s be examples of the good things that come about because we take responsibility!  Let’s admit when we are wrong Let’s correct our course when we stray. Let’s lead others to do the same! And by all means let’s be responsibile for the things we say and do!

I now step down……..for the moment…..

heather browning

A journey that is personal…..

22 08 2008

Thank you so much for the comments that have been being left on this blog.  I love to hear what you have to say and I love being in the enviornment of like minded people. I recieved some comments yesterday by www.reachingmypotential.com (I hope it is ok to post your web  address! For those unaware this is a great site.)

I absolutely love the site name.  I have been wanting to write about that exact same topic for quite a while. 

We are all here on this earth to do great things.  I whole heartedly believe in our destinies and that we control whether we reach them or not.

When I was personal training in the fitness industry the thing that would stand out as the difference between those who reached their goal and those who didn’t was their personal desire to enter this journey towards their goal.  The ones who succeeded knew it would take time and were willing to start the path.

This holds true for your personal development.  It is a journey.  Something that doesn’t happen overnight, something that can be frustrating at times, and something that can definitely fill your life with jubilation!

It seems hard to believe that I personally started this journey about 7 years ago.  I can’t believe it has been that long!  I’ve always been spiritual, but the journey took a deeper meaning.  It was almost 7 years ago next month that I sat in a personal mastery seminar with Klemmer and Associates ready to learn things to explode my business.

What I found in 2 1/2  days had nothing to do with my business, but everything to do with how to salvage my relationship with my daughter (struggling with her Dad’s death). The inner responsibility I learned that weekend was the best changing experience of my life!

Since then I have spent so many hours attending workshops, reading books, listening to cds, etc. that I could probably own stock in the industry!  I love it and I am amazed at how I continue to grow!

But here is the thing I have also learned from my journey.  You can’t force another to take it with you. It is hard sometimes when you are progressing and changing and your partner or family member doesn’t want to come too.  Sometimes it puts a strain on the relationship.  You may feel a slight separation.  However, what I have come to peace with is that this is a PERSONAL journey.  One that must be taken personally with the motivation from within.

I am at peace with this.  I have also found that as I am the example of pure love and acceptance of other’s journey I see them progressing too.  Little things start to change in them as well.  It is a great thing to see!

I love my life!  I love BEING in my life, being present with the day and being present with the people I associate with.

For a brief moment today take a little time to think about where on your personal journey you are.  Are there some course directions needed?  Some acceptance needing to be given? The journey is so well worth it!  Life is better when you enjoy every moment of it!

–heather browning

Trimming and Pruning……

20 08 2008

Ok, have I really lost my rocker this time?  Can I possibly apply trimming and pruning to life?  Never fear, of course I can!  With a little help from an email I received yesterday.

The email was talking about how one man was preparing for the tropical storm Faye.  One would think that he would be reinforcing all doors, boarding up windows, and sealing any crack in the house.  But instead he was outside pruning and trimming the trees and shrubs.  He had some 65 species of them on his property. The trimmed branches seemed to pile as high as his house.  You see by trimming back the foilage he reduced the surface that could serve as a wind trap increasing the likely hood of damage to his house.

So now I ask you the same question asked me.  What things can you TRIM back in your own life that may be the cause of a destructive path?  Are negative thoughts impeding your way to living a passionate life?  Do you have relationships that are toxic and holding you back from making a leap on your own. 

You see in order to make a change in your life, you must make a change!  There must be something inside that tells you that you hate where you stand MORE than the fear of making a stand.

So for a brief moment today, give yourself some time to think about what needs trimming in order for you to get what you want out of life and by all means GET THAT SAW OUT and start pruning!

heather browning

Who’s on your team?

20 08 2008

Wow!  What a great experience for me today!  Every Tuesday morning I have a Master Mind group call with my Live Out Loud team. Today my turn for facilitating ended up the best thing possible for me.  If you’re wondering what a Master Mind group is I’ll tell you real quick.  The Master Mind, instituted and named by Napolean Hill, is a group of like minded individuals who get together in counsel every week or so to support, lead, and guide each other in the success of wealth creation (or anything you so desire that you need support with). 

So today, I brought to the Master Mind an issue I was having with my internet marketing. I recieved great counsel and reassurance that I was on the right track.  Now this in and of itself was great, but what happened the rest of the day was better.  Whenever you are in a vibration of clarity and focus things flow into your life.  After this mornings call I was once again focused on my outcome and goals.  Then, as if by magic, I started recieving phone calls from people with ideas and concepts that lead me even further in my reassurance.  Totally unexpected were these additional words of advice and wisdom.

So my question to you is who is on your team?  Do you have a Master Mind group you can turn to when looking for business advice or connections?  Do you have a friend who gives wise counsel?  Do you have access to instructors in your area of interest that will help propel you to your next level? You see you will not find one abundantly wealthy person without such a team.  Master MInds work not just for wealth creation, but with anything!  Are you trying to lose weight?  Find a group!  Are you trying to develop yourself more spiritually?  Find a group!  There are so many groups out there!  Join one and see the benefits it will give you!

We are all here to learn from another and guide each other.  If you find yourself struggling right now with what to do with your life, or wondering if you are on the right path, find your team.  If you need help, I’d love to help you get started!  Just ask!

Master Minds work and so does the Law of Attraction!  Thank goodness!

heather browning

All we have are todays….

18 08 2008

I am up early this Monday morning thinking of the things I have got to do today.  Some people dread Mondays when they have to go back to work or start “the same old thing” over again for the week.  I love Mondays.  I look forward to them.  For me Mondays are another chance for starting things on the right path of where I want to go.

Mondays, are kind of a clean slate for me.  A week that has just begun.  No telling what I can accomplish and make happen this week. In fact everyday for me is like a Monday.  I get up early and walk into the kitchen and turn on my computer.  I hear the birds singing and the roosters crowing.  Living here in Hawaii this is also the time of day when the air is cool and the energy of the sun is renewing and vibrant before it gets intense and harsh.  I love this time of day.

I have also been thinking about a lesson I heard in church yesterday.  In fact, I heard it there and then read an article on the topic again in a magazine later on in the day.  It must have been destiny for me to focus on it for a while. And so I share it with you.

Todays…. All we have are todays.  Haven’t we all heard this before.  There is a line in a song that reads, “Today, today, work for today..there is no tomorrow, but only today.” No tomorrows only todays.  Think about that.  We walk around everyday in our lives not knowing if we are even going to be here today.  Accidents happen in life.  No one is guaranteed a free ticket living into old age.  And yet, we mostly go about our lives as if we ,with assurety, will live our lives long.  I think of this sometimes when I look at my children.  Their father died almost six years ago very unexpectedly.  They never got a chance for a goodbye.  My duaghter has fought back anger for this for many years.

I tell you this not for pity, but for the message… all we have are todays.  What are we putting of that we could do, TODAY? Who could we help, TODAY? Could we hug our kids a little closer, TODAY?  How about business.  Have you been waiting to try something new?  Do it TODAY! Is there a business you’d like to start?  Do it TODAY!  How much time have you wasted in past regrets?  I don’t know about you but my TODAY list just got a little bit bigger and my excitement for the week a little bit more intense.  I feel it in the core of my being.  Life is fabulous my friends.  And if you are in the dump of dumps change it!


Yours in todays….. heather browing