30 07 2008

Liberation– now say it again out loud while closing your eyes. Feel what your body feels as the meaning of the word encompasses your thoughts.  Is it not a word of freedom?  Of being able to be set free from something that has held you captive?  Liberation probably has different meanings for different people.

This morning I read this quote in an email I received and thought it to be profound.  It read-

” I have been liberated to live with integrity from my passion and purpose”

I loved this!  How many of us have been liberated to live from our passion and purpose living with integrity within!  What is the integrity part? Being true to yourself and really giving yourself permission to follow what you know to be true no matter what falls in your path.  Isn’t this what we all want?  Yet how many follow?  How many of us just keep our head down hustling through life and then wake up one day and see years have flown by?  (FYI I’ll keep you posted on an e-book I am writing about this very thing!)

Today, take some time to yourself and really think about what path your life is going down?  Are you living with integrity letting your passion and purpose decide your day or are you hustling with your head down?




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