Enviornments- where are you everyday?

30 07 2008

I was listening the other day to a man named Robert White (who wrote a book called “Living an Extraordinary Life”) and a man named JW Wilson (www.learnnow.tv).  The segment was aired on The Home Based Radio Show with TomChenault.com. Anyway, it was on addiction and how it’s effects are damaging to our country as a whole.  Briefly discussed was the reason why 12 step programs work so well.  And the number one reason is because of enviornments.  From creation we were meant to be able to better survive as groups. The brain chemical Dopamine increases during the times we are with a group and actually serving or helping each other.  And this enviornment helps to fill the void in people’s lives that could have contributed to their seeking alcohol or drugs in the first place.

 If you really think about it ENVIORNMENTS really are key to anything in life! And what enviornment you stand in daily determines what you get out of life. 

Gangs are an enviornment, high school clicks are enviornments, seminars, church congregations, country clubs, social networking groups,  and so many more!  Hundreds can be named!  We are all enviornment junkies!  I am, I admit it.  Once I recognized this I realized that this is why I absolutely love being at seminars!  What greater place to find groups of people who are aligned with what I want to create out of my life!  Seminars are my “drug” of choice!  And sharing what I learn with you is too!

So I ask you to take a look at all those goals you have for yourself.  All the things on your vision boards.  All the books you have read.  And stop and think about the enviornment you place yourself in everyday.  Is it an enviornment that will truly propel you forward to living your passions?  Will your goals actually happen with the places you go and people you associate with?   If not then in the words of Bob Proctor you just might have to “upgrade your friends”! You just might have to find other groups to hang with.

The cool thing is you can! And as you do your life will make dramatic strides towards your ultimate life of choice.  Just watch it happen!




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