Are you living your passion?

29 07 2008

What a great question to ask ourselves on a daily basis.  I have been thinking about this alot lately in my own quest to live a passionate life earning money in an industry I am passionate about.  I was watching a program the other night about the “true story of Hidalgo”.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a movie based on the life of James T. Hopkins who won many long distance endurance races riding the Indian Mustang horse.  He worked many years for Buffalo Bills traveling rodeo show and then was entered in a very prestigous Arabian endurance race.  The movie is based on this race. 

What got my attention the most was how living his passion for the mustang horse continually led him to new opportunities to continue to live his passion.  When he would win a race another race would be coming, he’d win that race and someone would be waiting at the finish line to offer him a job to travel. And on and on.

And then this morning on Good Morning America they were playing a little tribute to Randy Pausch who was the college professor dying of cancer who wrote “The Last Lecture”. What an incredible man!  A little video was played of one of his lectures and he said, “when you live a good (passionate) life, then Karma takes care of itself.”  Wow! How true! When you go about doing the things that you love, loving everything about your life the universe steps in a provides more ways!  I love this!  This is how I have been trying to live my life for the past five years when I began my personal development journey.

I love this area!  I love it, I live it, and I breathe it!  This is my passion.  Part of why I am doing this blog is to live my passion by sharing with others things that have made me think.  Do you realize that most people have no idea what their true passions are in life?  Most of us go along day in and day out with absolutely no idea about what would really float our boats and make the universe start to take notice and send more into our lives.  If you have no idea don’t worry you are not alone.  I highly recommend that you begin your journey!  One place to start is by reading the book “The Passion Test” by Janet Atwood.  As the name implies you’ll start the process at what really makes you tick.  Once this happens Janet really emphasizes that from that point of every time there is a decision to be made you always choose in favor of your passions.  Miracles happen when you do this.

And so today, take some time to think about what makes you feel good and excited in your life and write them down.  Then just for a moment close your eyes and see if you can see yourself doing these things full time.

I’ll be doing the same!

Here’s to living your passion!




One response

29 07 2008
woody green

just stopping by, but you impress me with this posting, i should learn from those people. thanks for sharing, you may visit me back. thank you.

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