Yikes! How’s this for bad Karma!

27 07 2008

What I love about the Law of Attraction is when good things are manifested into your life.  However, there are times when the opposite happens too!  For example: Last night my 15 year old was at a party and decided to stay later than she was supposed to just “knowing” I would come get her.  You know how teenagers are! Well, of course at 10pm I had to go get her after being very annoyed on the phone with her.  I know already the bad Karma is building.  So I pick her up and absolutely no words are expressed because I knew if we did a fight would ensue. At least I thought about that much!  We got home with out speaking and I went to shut the swinging gate behind our car and as I took a step into the grass (something I do everyday!) WHAM!!! I felt like I had been struck by a snake or a stick had been shoved into the inside of my foot!  I have never felt anything quite like it.  I immediately start hopping around and get into the house.  I suddenly realize that the two bite marks are from the giant centipedes that inhabit Hawaii.  This is a complete first for me.  I guess the only good thing is that it broke the bad mood and immediately my daughter went into “how can I help mode”.  She must love me right?  For those of you not lucky enough to have had this experience let me tell you it was pure HELL!  The poison shot up my leg in white streaks and proceeded to give me a night of pain I haven’t felt since childbirth!  However, even with childbirth I had drugs!  Here nothing worked to alleviate my pain.  As I sit here 15 hours later the pain still throbs in a small part of my foot.  WILL IT EVER END!

I guess what I am trying to say is I totally believe that I brought this on myself through the energy that was happening around me.  I tend to always be on the optimistic side, but sometimes I do fall the other way and when I do something like this always happens!  Joe Vitale, author from the Secret, once wrote a book called “Zero Limits” with  a Dr. Hew Len.  In it Dr Len talks about how everything that happens in our lives we are responsible for bringing it on.  Now how in the world could I have brought a centipede into the grass at the specifice time I was going to step in it?  Sounds non-plausible right?  And yet Dr. Len is correct.  I know from other experiences that my energy will bring to me whatever experience that fits the energy.  Like attracts Like.  I just wish this time the like had not attracted a centipede!

Here’s to the rest of my day being pain free and better energy!




One response

3 08 2008

Hi ya,
i soooo know where your coming from. It’s hard to keep your energy at an even keel, when it slides…uhhhm not nice. And the law of attraction does state you get more of what you focus on. Here’s an example. A few times i have been flat broke, broke as in can’t even buy noodles broke. I say to myself i am a magnet for money, money and new opportunities are drawn to me, i am a magnet for joy i am a magnet for money. What usually happened before is i actually attracted money to me. Random amounts. This year i am trying to magnetize a million pounds to me through my blog or my novel. I believe it can be done. I’m a writer who is currently unemployed, but this gives me an opportunity to focus on my fitnessmy energy, aura and karma. I want to learn to completely relax myself.

Please add me to your blogroll
i’ve just started my blog and i’d be greatful for any support

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