30 07 2008

Liberation– now say it again out loud while closing your eyes. Feel what your body feels as the meaning of the word encompasses your thoughts.  Is it not a word of freedom?  Of being able to be set free from something that has held you captive?  Liberation probably has different meanings for different people.

This morning I read this quote in an email I received and thought it to be profound.  It read-

” I have been liberated to live with integrity from my passion and purpose”

I loved this!  How many of us have been liberated to live from our passion and purpose living with integrity within!  What is the integrity part? Being true to yourself and really giving yourself permission to follow what you know to be true no matter what falls in your path.  Isn’t this what we all want?  Yet how many follow?  How many of us just keep our head down hustling through life and then wake up one day and see years have flown by?  (FYI I’ll keep you posted on an e-book I am writing about this very thing!)

Today, take some time to yourself and really think about what path your life is going down?  Are you living with integrity letting your passion and purpose decide your day or are you hustling with your head down?


Enviornments- where are you everyday?

30 07 2008

I was listening the other day to a man named Robert White (who wrote a book called “Living an Extraordinary Life”) and a man named JW Wilson (  The segment was aired on The Home Based Radio Show with Anyway, it was on addiction and how it’s effects are damaging to our country as a whole.  Briefly discussed was the reason why 12 step programs work so well.  And the number one reason is because of enviornments.  From creation we were meant to be able to better survive as groups. The brain chemical Dopamine increases during the times we are with a group and actually serving or helping each other.  And this enviornment helps to fill the void in people’s lives that could have contributed to their seeking alcohol or drugs in the first place.

 If you really think about it ENVIORNMENTS really are key to anything in life! And what enviornment you stand in daily determines what you get out of life. 

Gangs are an enviornment, high school clicks are enviornments, seminars, church congregations, country clubs, social networking groups,  and so many more!  Hundreds can be named!  We are all enviornment junkies!  I am, I admit it.  Once I recognized this I realized that this is why I absolutely love being at seminars!  What greater place to find groups of people who are aligned with what I want to create out of my life!  Seminars are my “drug” of choice!  And sharing what I learn with you is too!

So I ask you to take a look at all those goals you have for yourself.  All the things on your vision boards.  All the books you have read.  And stop and think about the enviornment you place yourself in everyday.  Is it an enviornment that will truly propel you forward to living your passions?  Will your goals actually happen with the places you go and people you associate with?   If not then in the words of Bob Proctor you just might have to “upgrade your friends”! You just might have to find other groups to hang with.

The cool thing is you can! And as you do your life will make dramatic strides towards your ultimate life of choice.  Just watch it happen!

Are you living your passion?

29 07 2008

What a great question to ask ourselves on a daily basis.  I have been thinking about this alot lately in my own quest to live a passionate life earning money in an industry I am passionate about.  I was watching a program the other night about the “true story of Hidalgo”.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a movie based on the life of James T. Hopkins who won many long distance endurance races riding the Indian Mustang horse.  He worked many years for Buffalo Bills traveling rodeo show and then was entered in a very prestigous Arabian endurance race.  The movie is based on this race. 

What got my attention the most was how living his passion for the mustang horse continually led him to new opportunities to continue to live his passion.  When he would win a race another race would be coming, he’d win that race and someone would be waiting at the finish line to offer him a job to travel. And on and on.

And then this morning on Good Morning America they were playing a little tribute to Randy Pausch who was the college professor dying of cancer who wrote “The Last Lecture”. What an incredible man!  A little video was played of one of his lectures and he said, “when you live a good (passionate) life, then Karma takes care of itself.”  Wow! How true! When you go about doing the things that you love, loving everything about your life the universe steps in a provides more ways!  I love this!  This is how I have been trying to live my life for the past five years when I began my personal development journey.

I love this area!  I love it, I live it, and I breathe it!  This is my passion.  Part of why I am doing this blog is to live my passion by sharing with others things that have made me think.  Do you realize that most people have no idea what their true passions are in life?  Most of us go along day in and day out with absolutely no idea about what would really float our boats and make the universe start to take notice and send more into our lives.  If you have no idea don’t worry you are not alone.  I highly recommend that you begin your journey!  One place to start is by reading the book “The Passion Test” by Janet Atwood.  As the name implies you’ll start the process at what really makes you tick.  Once this happens Janet really emphasizes that from that point of every time there is a decision to be made you always choose in favor of your passions.  Miracles happen when you do this.

And so today, take some time to think about what makes you feel good and excited in your life and write them down.  Then just for a moment close your eyes and see if you can see yourself doing these things full time.

I’ll be doing the same!

Here’s to living your passion!

Yikes! How’s this for bad Karma!

27 07 2008

What I love about the Law of Attraction is when good things are manifested into your life.  However, there are times when the opposite happens too!  For example: Last night my 15 year old was at a party and decided to stay later than she was supposed to just “knowing” I would come get her.  You know how teenagers are! Well, of course at 10pm I had to go get her after being very annoyed on the phone with her.  I know already the bad Karma is building.  So I pick her up and absolutely no words are expressed because I knew if we did a fight would ensue. At least I thought about that much!  We got home with out speaking and I went to shut the swinging gate behind our car and as I took a step into the grass (something I do everyday!) WHAM!!! I felt like I had been struck by a snake or a stick had been shoved into the inside of my foot!  I have never felt anything quite like it.  I immediately start hopping around and get into the house.  I suddenly realize that the two bite marks are from the giant centipedes that inhabit Hawaii.  This is a complete first for me.  I guess the only good thing is that it broke the bad mood and immediately my daughter went into “how can I help mode”.  She must love me right?  For those of you not lucky enough to have had this experience let me tell you it was pure HELL!  The poison shot up my leg in white streaks and proceeded to give me a night of pain I haven’t felt since childbirth!  However, even with childbirth I had drugs!  Here nothing worked to alleviate my pain.  As I sit here 15 hours later the pain still throbs in a small part of my foot.  WILL IT EVER END!

I guess what I am trying to say is I totally believe that I brought this on myself through the energy that was happening around me.  I tend to always be on the optimistic side, but sometimes I do fall the other way and when I do something like this always happens!  Joe Vitale, author from the Secret, once wrote a book called “Zero Limits” with  a Dr. Hew Len.  In it Dr Len talks about how everything that happens in our lives we are responsible for bringing it on.  Now how in the world could I have brought a centipede into the grass at the specifice time I was going to step in it?  Sounds non-plausible right?  And yet Dr. Len is correct.  I know from other experiences that my energy will bring to me whatever experience that fits the energy.  Like attracts Like.  I just wish this time the like had not attracted a centipede!

Here’s to the rest of my day being pain free and better energy!

Okay, don’t hate me!

26 07 2008

Okay for those of you who are suffering from the intense heat of summer don’t hate me for sharing this post! 

Why? Because I live in Hawaii where it never gets above 89.  HOWEVER, if it makes you feel better I have no airconditioning and on some days 89 feels like 100 indoors!

Anyway, one of the best things that I love about Hawaii are the cool mornings with the tradewind breezes blowing in the palms.  This morning as I woke up I laid in bed listening to the birds, hearing the chickens (yes, I said chickens, they are everywhere in Hawaii running wild!) and roosters crowing, and listening to the breezes.  Oh how I love those breezes! Once I got out of bed and realized that the day was so georgeous I had to get outdoors.

Sometimes my body just craves a little piece of morning sunshine.  Everything is new to the day, the energy from the light of the morning is beaming on the trees, flowers, and reflecting off the mountainside. So I got out at 6:30am and decided to walk the neighborhood.  Immediately my skin became alive with the feeling of the breeze blowing all around me.  I always get this sense of rejuvenation from feeling this sensation.  The air was cool and the skies were clear.

I walked for about 45 mins. and by the time I got back my stomach was growling and I totally felt ready for the day as if my energy tanks had been filled up. 

When was the last time you took a walk in the wee morning sunshine and felt the healing, motivating energy from the morning sun?  Tomorrow, being Sunday, take time to feel the day, feel the breezes, and soak in all that the morning has to offer…. if only for a moment………

Fascinating thing if you let yourself go!

26 07 2008

Do you know the commercial with the people who are standing in the center of a big red dot and after they comment on how much their life is changing or how much debt they are in or how they have no time for life they say “Oh yeah, I am there?” 

Can you relate?  I sure can.  I am so there with what I want out of life and know exactly what I want to do with my career and yet I seem to still be searching for the door in!  I feel this tightness in the center of my throat everytime I think of what it is my passions are screaming for me to do! 

This morning I felt that tightness again as I was driving to the gym along the country road where I live.  I tend to always be deep in thought, always giving focus to my passions, and today I did something different!  I remember reading in Jack Canfield’s book, “The One Minute Millionaire” where part of the protocol was to go up to a mountain top and yell at the top of your lungs the things you want.  Proclaiming to the universe outloud.  While reading I thought it to be kind of silly, and yet this morning I found myself remembering it.

Guess what!  I thought what the heck.  My windows were down and no one was around and so at the top of my lungs I yelled my deepest passion desire!  Okay at first it was reserved, but to my amazement I actually felt the tightness in my throat lessen!  So I did it again and again and again!  Until a car appeared.  I have never felt such freedom! The tightness was gone!  And I had a great workout!

So I give to you the challenge of finding a secluded spot free of spectators to yell to the universe your unspoken thoughts!  It brings freedom and In the book it brought millions! You bet this will be my new morning ritual!  I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out!

Come on do it! Let yourself go…. If only for a moment…….