A Frog In The Throat

20 08 2009

Can anyone out there relate to being compulsive?

I have a very accomplished friend of mine in the area of energy work that when he visited me last month in Hawaii I wanted him to do some work on me.

He can read your emotions so well that before he starts I always tell him to just clear my energy without telling me what I already know! In other words, stay out of my emotions, you know too much about me!

But alas, it does not work that way. Your emotions are the energy in your body that needs to be cleared.

Okay, I give in. So into the emotions we delve. I share with him that quite often when I’m feeling “stuck” I get this “frog” in my throat. It feels like it wants to jump out and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

He answers “of course it does. It’s you not saying what you want to say. It’s your holding your tongue. It’s you not expressing what it truly is you are feeling! It’s feeling like you can’t speak your desires. What you really want is not being allowed out!”

Wammy! I told you he was good! And how do I deal with this? I make compulsive instead of intuitive decisions based on what “might let me free the frog in the moment.”

In other words, I am not living in my true genius realm I am merely playing it small hoping to just keep going.

Sound familiar to anyone? Am I the only one out there?

Alas, with awareness there is hope!

There is a great new book out there by Gay Hendricks called “The Big Leap”. He talks so much of how we are merely existing comfortably in our zone of excellence without truly freeing the frog and leaping to our zone of genius.

Such great insights….Isn’t it great when there is yet another area in our lives that we can approve upon? Always learning, always growing.

Go get yourself a copy of the book and join me as we set out to free our own frogs and live a life of intuitive actions rather than compulsive behaviors.

Share with me your stories…

heather browning

Be Outrageous….

17 11 2008

“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”


If you haven’t read Robert White’s book “Living an Extraordinary Life” you are missing out on some great personal development tips.

How many times as kids did we have such great imaginations, great ideas about what we wanted to do wih our lives, great moments of complete freedom and living out loud, only to be scolded by an adult and told to be more quiet?

Then as we got older we learned from our experiences all to well and came to the conclusion that living out loud was not okay to do.  And yet, deep down you know there is more to you that wants to be outrageous and live an extraordinary life in a way you found as a child.

The part of personal development I love the most is when I see an adult reach deep within themselves and emerge with this sense of freedom that they really can live an extraordinary life.  One in which they are in control of what they want to do. No longer dictated by the conditions that were placed on them as children. It is such a great moment to see the light come back into their eyes!

We can all have these moments.  We spend too much of our time being worried about looking foolish, failing, not being taken seriously, but secretly we admire those who can live this way.  Do we see them as foolish? All it takes is just one change of thought, one moment to jump in without looking back, one idea that comes to life, and in the end “the rewards are a life that is full and rich and even extrordinary!”

Here’s to living out loud!

heather browning


If laughter were a drug….

13 11 2008

Okay, if laughter were a drug we’d all be rich!  I just spent a great five days with a group of people that I found laughed out loud all the time!  And you know what!  When things got tough they laughed some more and went on to find solutions!

How great is it that we have the ability to laugh at any moment in our lives.  Laughter lightenes the heart. Laughter quiets the mind. Laughter bonds us together.  I LOVE TO LAUGH!

Someone once told me that when he had gone to England he found that the people there had a way of laughing away self important moments.  In other words when they face someone who is being a little self righteous they laugh and the self important moment dissipates. I’m not quite so sure if that is a great thing all the time, but it sure could lessen the tension in a room!

Laughter also heals.  Remember the story of the woman in the movie “The Secret.” She credits her healing from cancer to laughter.  What a great stress buster it is!

So today, take the challenge and laugh!  Find a joke, a movie, a friend, and laugh out loud!  Enjoy how that feels!  Laugh with your children– they are always laughing!

And most importantly when life gets tough in moments allow your outlook to change with just a few chuckles!

yours in laughter,

heather browning

Faith is a choice…

6 11 2008

Have you ever had a time in your life when life seemed to be crashing down?  Nothing was going your way and no way out was apparent?  We’ve all had times like this.  The saying goes “When it rains it pours.” Sometimes it’s true and somtimes we reach that point where our faith is tested, our belief in ourself is tested and the very foundation of our souls is tested. 

What do you do?  Have faith? Faith that things will work out?  Faith that there is always a silver lining? Faith that all things happen for reasons.

These are all great things, but may I suggest something even greater.  The best thing happens when at that breaking point where you could do no more…you CHOSE to have faith.  You made a conscious decision to let the dice roll and ride the wave.  Making that choice is so powerful!  You at that moment opened up to the universe and surrendered control, became as a humble child and allowed what may happen, happen.  Once you reach this point magic begins to happen.  Things begin to go your way, the silver lining appears. And in the end you’ve realized you’ve made it through yet another experience with renewed energy and knowledge.

May we always choose to have faith in all our difficulites in life.  Life becomes much simplier when we do and the burden becomes lighter.

heather browning

Busy-ness of mind…

30 10 2008

Do you know what I have noticed recently?  My mind is always busy!

Now don’t laugh at this because I really do have a point!

We know that to really get what we want in life we must focus on the attainment of it and take action.  I’m pretty good at this I must admit.  However, just today I found myself doing so much mind focusing that I started to see just how much I wander off topic!  I found myself wandering into the realms of issues that are not high energy producing and I had to stop myself and say “enough!  That fact has already been established!  Move on to the future!”

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation?  Always wandering back to the past hurt, the past mistake, the past issue, and momentarily depleting your energy for the future?  I am willing to bet we do this more often than not.  It’s like one of those instances when you replay a fight or an argument over and over until finally it shades your judgement to the point that it has overcome your day and then your night because you have made decisions based on that situation!  UG! Why do we do this?  I call it staying way too long in your head!

However, on the flip side if we can mangage to redivert our thinking to what we now wish to accomplish more and more we’ll find that we leave those other thoughts behind quicker thereby staying in the state of higher energy vibration! To have a busy mind is good when it is always moving forward. Becoming aware of just how much we wander is critical to our success.  For example, if you are focusing on a new career path you’d like to see, but still thinking about your lousy ex spouse then the negative either cancels out or negates the positive!  Things we say we want would manifest quicker if we let go of the negative!

My challenge for you in the next 24 hours is to pay attention to just how many times your mind wanders in a day’s time to things of negative energy.  It just might surprise you!

heather b


28 10 2008

Committment….  There is a great quote that in part reads:

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back…”

I was struck with the profoundness of these words. They hit deep into my heart and thankfully me head!  There is that old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well, sometimes for me those teachers are words of wisdom.

Life is one of those things that can absolutely be engaging, thrilling, extraordinary, accomplishing, etc.  But if you think about it, Life can only be those things if we have committed to something.  A new career path, a new relationship ( a current relationship!), a new idea, a committment to success, etc.  If there is no committment there is only mediocre, stagnancy, sameness.  The quote continues with:

“the moment one definitely committs oneself, then Providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.”

What kind of things in your life would truly come to pass if only you would committ?  And not just committ, but definitely committ?  Can you think of things that maybe didn’t happen and once you look back you realize there was a lact of this type of committment?

I don’t know about you, but reading this quote makes me want to make even more committments to test the end result!  Will unforeseen forces move me onto greatness?  Will incidents and meetings appear that I would never have come across if I hadn’t committed?  Will events arise in my favor?

How fun is that to think about!  Jack Canfield says that we all need a “Big Old Hairy Audacious Goal!”  One that makes our toes leave the ground at the thought of achieving it.  One that will propel ourselves into our next state of being. One that will create such a state of change that we could never even dream of going back to the way we used to be!

Do you have one of those goals?  Wouldn’t it be great to form a group that we could hear about those goals and then support you while you achieve it!  Or if you have experienced such a feeling of attainment and committment wouldn’t it be great to share it?  I love to hear about success stories! What fun it is to hear how your goals have been accomplished and just how much “Providence” did step in and make things happen because you did committ!  So if anyone is interested drop me a comment and we can definitely start something! 

Let’s all be committed!

heather b



Extraordinary Living….

24 10 2008

Do you know what is so great about extraordinary living? 

It’s that it is not easy!  What?  Explain!

Okay, so for a moment remember a time in your life when what you did came easily.  Whether it was when you were young and on a team sport where you were clearly more experienced— was it fun? Or maybe it was a time when on the job the projects you were assigned to you had done so many times before that you could do it in your sleep— was it engaging? 

This life is all about changing and growing and experiencing new things!  When life gets complacent or mundane we tend to lose focus on being extraordinary!  And that means taking on new challenges that aren’t easy! Revitalizing our need for new learning, new skills, new accomplishments!

Plato had said that if we are not growing we are decaying!

Are you growing? Or decaying? Are you living extraordinary? Or ordinary?

I just returned from an intense seminar in Tahoe.  I was challenged, engaged, and continually told to stretch further.  Was it uncomfortable?  You bet!  Outside my box? You bet!  But returning home I am now revigorated and re-energized and ready to take on the next stage of my life.

I challenge you to stretch further, reach further, get out of the ordinary, feel the uncomfortable and look for the uneasy things!  LIVE EXTRAORDINARY!

heather browning

Living Life on Mountains…

21 10 2008

Ah, life in Tahoe…..  How can I describe it, but pure Heaven! 

Living in Hawaii is pretty great too, but with a different kind of Heaven.

I’ve been spending time in the Mountains realizing just how small we really are, and yet being inspired of how big we can become if we play our lives full out.

Every now and then I believe we all need a little internal check of just how we are playing our lives.  Too often we end up in Mediocre land just going to work, cooking dinner, carting kids, then going to bed to do the same thing the next day.

It pays to re-visit our goals, revisit our aspirations, revisit our passions and see just where we are.

I  have been in Tahoe for the past week doing just this for myself.  I’ve realized, with the help of some coaching, that I am not playing my life full out, that maybe I am letting a little self-sabatage hold me back from all the great things I wish to conquer.

How about you?  Do you need a little coaching?  A little kick yourself in the pants? A little bit “Come to Jesus meeting” with yourself to get back on track?

We all need it from time to time.  And may I suggest doing it in the presence of towering pine trees, fall foilage, and coyote calls in the night!

till back on the Island…..

heather browning

Change or Mediocre?

15 10 2008

“Rapid changes call for individuals to constantly adapt through personal development, positive motivation,building self confidence and increasing self esteem.”

– Robert White

I believe we are all on a search to live an extraordinary life.  Do you ever find that once the obstacles we face along our journey are over you realize the lessons learned have propelled you one step closer to extraordinary? I talked to a friend of mine last night who is struggling financially and with her relationship within her marriage.  As I listened to her I kept thinking “Oh, I have been there!” “When it rains it pours,” she said and I added “Yes, but the sun always comes out shining.”

I love the quote above by Robert White.  I feel it is fitting to describe life in general.  The key word in the whole quote is “constantly.”  WE ARE constantly being challenged.  And we always have the opportunity to adapt. Through personal development, positive motivation,building self confidence and increasing self esteem we rise above the obstacles and always become better off than before. 

This week I am about to embark on a journey that will take me WAY into the realm of “Can I really do this?” I get excited to look into the future at the person I will become with increased capacities, motivations, esteem, and abilities, but at this moment even my own “doubt” starts to creep in. At times complacency and meidocrity feel better.  And yet, I too am on that journey to live extraordinarily and give extraordinary service to others. With this in mind may I add to Roberts statement:

Life is exciting! Live it up!

I plan to.  How about you?

heather browning

“Living the Law Of Attraction” Book

6 10 2008

For those of you who love the “Chicken Soup” series of books I’ve got a great one for you!  Rich German and Robin Hoch have put together “Living the Law of Attraction.” 

A book of stories of real people who have used the Law Of Attraction in their own lives and how it has dramatically changed them.   Definitely a must read for those who believe, those who want to believe, and I dare say those who “don’t” believe in the universal law of attraction.

Read it and let me know what you think!

You can find the book at http://www.richgerman.com/law-of-attraction.html

heather browning